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Information for International Students who need furniture and household items:

Welcome to Toledo.  We want to help make your stay here more comfortable and pleasant.  We are so glad that you are investing several years of your life in Toledo, studying in our community.  To serve you better, you need to know the following things:

• This project is only for international students and visiting scholars.  You must be here under an F1 or J1 visa to qualify.  We may need to verify your status with the international student office before we can help you.

• We must give priority to newly arriving students, who have nothing.  Students who have been here for a while have access to more resources like driver's licenses, friends with cars, knowledge of where to get help in the city.  Newly arriving students don't have these resources and so our first responsibility is to them.

• Once we have helped you with furniture, if you move to a new apartment in Toledo, it is your responsibility to move the furniture we have given you to your new apartment.  You can rent a truck for a few hours or a day for around $20-30 from places like U-Haul or Home Depot, or Lowes.  Anyone with a drivers license can drive the truck, so all you need is a few friends who can help, and you can move your furniture to your new apartment.

• We cannot provide replacement furniture if your furniture becomes damaged, dirty, or infested with bed-bugs.  It is your responsibility to keep your apartment and furniture clean.

• If you need furniture, please send all the following information to us via email to Wes Blood at

   1. Name

   2. Exact apartment address

   3. Cell number

   4. Number of roommates

   5. List of items that you need (like, "table, chairs, single bed, sofa, etc.)

• all international students: please download this flyer and follow the instructions carefully:

How to request furniture


Information for Americans who want to help with this extraordinary project:

Twice a year, beginning in January for students arriving in the spring semester, and then again in August for students arriving for the fall semester, Cherry Street Mission Ministries in Toledo (CSMM) sponsors a furniture and household items giveaway for international students.

New incoming students will receive a flyer at their International Student Orientation meeting, telling the how they can request the furniture, via email.

They will be matched with a driver of a van or pickup truck who will pick them up and take them to CSMM’s warehouse, where they can select what they might need from available furniture, household items and small appliances.

How you can help:

1. Donate Furniture and Household Items 

Download a donation flyer

If you live in the Toledo area and have any good used furniture, small appliances, clean mattresses, or other useful household items, consider donating them to Cherry Street Missions Ministry.  You may bring the items to CSMM's LifeBridge Center (the old Banner Mattress warehouse) at 3342 Monroe St., on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Please make sure you tell the volunteers at the LifeBridge Center that your donated items are for the International Student Project. If you don't tell them, they will be used for the community furniture bank instead.

Or we can pick them up.  To arrange for a pick up, please contact Wes Blood (419-478-8325

We are looking for donations of the following decent-quality used items:

  1. Dining or dinette tables (tables of ANY kind)
  2. Dining or dinette chairs
  3. Clean Mattresses/beds (queen or smaller - we cannot use king sized)
  4. Small or medium sized desks, computer tables and study tables
  5. Office chairs
  6. Lamps (both floor and table)
  7. Microwaves
  8. Full sized and Small couches/loveseats (please no big heavy sleeper sofas).
  9. Kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders, mixers, can openers, coffee makers, etc.
  10. Dressers
  11. End-tables/coffee tables/small TV stands
  12. Cooking pots and pans and some dishes (we tend to get an abundance of dishes but always need pans)
  13. Bicycles

Things we cannot use:

  1. Big heavy items like huge entertainment centers, executive sized desks, sleeper sofas, double recliner sofas, king beds.
  2. Dirty or broken items (please don't donate "project" items).
  3. Old tube-type televisions.
  4. Waterbeds
  5. Large appliances (refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.)

For more information about donating go to donate household items at CSMM.

2. Be a Driver

If you have a pickup truck or delivery truck and would like to help a student pick up their household items, please contact the number below and you will be given detailed information.  To volunteer as a driver, contact Wes Blood at 419-478-8325 or email him at













Last Updated: 10/16/15