Internal Medicine Residency Program

Graduating Residents

Where did they go?

Majority of our residents match into fellowships of their choice.

2017-2018 Medicine Sub-Specialties Match Results

Dr. Luai Alhazmi Cardiology The University of Toledo. Toledo, OH.
Dr. Turki Alkully Gastroenterology and Hepatology Georgetown University
Dr. Osama Dasa Cardiology Metro Health, Cleveland, OH
Dr. Madiha Fida Infectious Disease/Critical Care Mato Clinic
Dr.Feras Khogeer Endocrinology The University of Toledo. Toledo, OH.
Dr. Komal Masood Infectious Disease The University of Toledo. Toledo, OH
Dr. Suman Paul Hematology/Oncology Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Cindy Pham Endocrinology UCLA
Dr. Vidhit Puri Nephrology The UNiveristy of Michigan
Dr. Mohammed Ruzieh Cardiology Pennsylvania State


Primary Care vs Fellowship

Matched Fellowship

Grad Residents

The table below demonstrates where our last six classes of residents went after graduation.


Last Updated: 4/21/17