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Welcome to Graduate Medical Education






          James F. Kleshinski, M.D. 
          Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
          Designated Institutional Official
          The University of Toledo 


Welcome to Graduate Medical Education at The University of Toledo.  The Office of Graduate Medical Education is here to meet the institutional objectives in the education and training of health care professionals.  It is our intent to provide guidance and supervision of the resident while facilitating the resident’s  professional and personal development and ensuring safe and appropriate care for patients.   

The University of Toledo is committed to providing exemplary, comprehensive and continuing  educational opportunities in an environment enriched by scholarly activity for physicians in graduate medical education programs.  Integral to this educational responsibility is the commitment to provide quality health services in an atmosphere of  care and compassion.  It is our commitment that the conduct of graduate medical education programs further our mission while educating future generations of physicians to serve our community.

We commit ourselves to offer graduate medical education programs in which physicians in learning develop personal, clinical, and professional competence under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff  outstanding in their respective fields and who are committed to teaching.  The programs ensure safe, appropriate and humane care of patients and the progression of resident physician responsibilities consistent with each learner’s demonstrated clinical experience, knowledge and skill.  As part of a comprehensive university we engage in scholarly activity including research and will make available to resident physicians opportunities to participate in the scholarship of our medical community.  The Institution and its leadership are committed to provide the necessary educational, financial and human resources to support and maintain excellence in graduate medical education.


Last Updated: 6/26/15