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UToledo History Department Colloquium

March 22, 2024 

Student panelists at 2024 UToledo History Colloquium
Panel Discussion

Left to right:  UToledo history students - Kali Bomeli, Julie Dragun, Bailey Scheller, and Katie Blandford.

Young woman presenting research at 2024 UToledo History Colloquium
Presentation on the History Fair Housing in U.S.

Presenting at podium: Molly Eyink, seated: Tom Soderman and David Lacy (hat).

Audience attending at 2024 UToledo History Colloquium

Graduate and UG history students from UT, BGSU, Kent State , and Defiance College presented research papers on panels moderated by UT Faculty. The topics included presentations on history of drugs and alcohol, citizenship, World War I,  the Holocaust, the Cold War, and LGBTQ and African American history around the world.

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