Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Program Faculty

MPA Faculty

Name Email Classes
Daniel Boden

PSC 5300 Principles of Public Administration

PSC 5360 Ethics in Public Administration

PSC 5380 Fundraising

PSC 5410 Public and Nonprofit Management

PSC 5430 Human Resources Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

PSC 6490 Public Administration Capstone

PSC 6940 Professional Experience

Jeffrey Broxmeyer

PSC 5320 Urban Politics and Administration

Jami Taylor

PSC 5220 Advocacy Groups in US Politics

PSC 5300 Principles of Public Administration

PSC 6430 Public Policy Process

Qun Wang

PSC 5440 Budgeting and Financial Administration

PSC 5480 Introduction to Nonprofits

PSC 6110 Public Policy Methods and Analysis

MPA Affiliate Faculty

Name Email Classes
Bhuiyan Alam

GEPL 5700 Community Planning Workshop

GEPL 5750 Transportation Geography

Erica Czaja

PUBH 6620 Introduction to Health Policy and Health Systems

PUBH 6630 Public Health Advocacy

Christopher Montpetit

THR 5250 Administration and Management of the Arts

THR 5260 Promoting the Visual and Performing Arts

Marilyn Preston PSC 5560 Law and Public Administration
Sujata Shetty

GEPL 5210 Land Use Planning

GEPL 5530 Principles of Urban Planning



Last Updated: 10/28/22