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Psychological Assessment Lab

Dr. Gregory J. Meyer and Dr. Joni L. Mihura
Co-leaders, Psychological Assessment Lab

We at the Psych Assessment Lab are devoted to understanding personality, psychopathology, and cognitive functioning. Fortunately for us, psychological assessment is ripe with many interesting topics to study. Various assessment topics studied by our research team include personality, psychosis, disordered thinking, visual misperceptions, aggression, malingering, object relations, and training issues. We're also interested in studying different psychological methods of assessment - including performance tests such as - cognitive tests (like the Wechsler intelligence and memory tests), and personality tests (like the Rorschach), self-report tests (like the MMPI-2, MMPI-2-RF, and PAI), observer reports, clinician ratings, and behavioral measures - and how these methods relate to each other. We're interested in measurement issues like clinician's agreement when coding and interpreting various psychological tests, factor analytic models of personality, and the stability of personality disorders over time. Many of our members have also completed meta-analytic reviews in personality assessment. Our lab meetings also include clinical and didactic components where members practice and discuss test administration, scoring, and interpretation, as well as discuss readings and key psychological assessment topics. These topics include psychometric and methodological issues, advanced test-specific readings, and clinical topics such as test findings for different disorders and levels of personality organization.


Over the past few years, Dr. Meyer and Mihura have become known for their development of a new Rorschach system (R-PAS), described in various places across our lab webpages and at the website Students who are particularly interested in being involved with the development and the refinements of this new Rorschach system may especially be interested in working with us. Most recently, Dr. Mihura has started a lab focused on the assessment of psychosis to help develop the psychosis short-term Rorschach measure - the Thought and Perception Assessment System.

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Explore some of our past and current research projects and selected publications or recent presentations. Meet the Psych Assessment Lab research team, co-led by Dr.Gregory J. Meyer and Joni L. Mihura - who are probably best known for their work on the Rorschach inkblot test. Learn more about the Society for Personality Assessment. Check out our various psychological assessment linksProspective graduate students . . . find out more about working with the Psych Assessment Lab team at the University of Toledo.  

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