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The World Languages Learning Center

Field House 2330                                                                                                                                               insta  fb  twit  
(419) 530-5959 
Summer 2021 Hours: 10a - 4p

The World Languages & Cultures Department is committed to assisting our students through the coronavirus pandemic. Below is a listing of on-campus support services available to our students:

Student Food Pantry – Both pantries will be open M-F between 8:30 am – 5pm. A third option is being explored to place some pantries in the residence hall for students to use after hours or weekends. Lancelot Thompson Student Union Room 2504, open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.,

Counseling Center – Most likely, sessions will be via teleconference. 
419.255.9585 (after hours)

Main Campus Health Center – The health center will remain open.  If you exhibit symptoms of the flu, you should call (419) 530.3451 before arriving to the Center.  You will not be charged a fee.


The Foreign Language Learning Center (FLLC) is a media driven learning lab for the Department of World Languages and Cultures at the University of Toledo. FLLC is strictly reserved for students who study a foreign language or are foreign language majors. 


  • 54 Apple dual-platform (Windows/Mac) computers w/headphones
  • Internet access
  • B/W laser printers
  • Private study areas


Last Updated: 6/23/21