The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales

Double Majoring in Professional Sales - Only 2 Extra Classes

Double majoring allows you to diversify your knowledge and education.  By adding a second major, you are better prepared and enhance your marketability and flexibility for job placement.

Everyone is in sales in some manner selling themselves, a project, or a co-worker on an idea.  Sales is a vital aspect of all business careers.

  • Getting a promotion
  • Securing approval for your internal projects/ideas
  • Obtaining resources for those projects
  • Building relationships and understanding with co-workers, clients, employers, etc

Discover how professional sales gels with your career path (major) and how you can get a double major with only 2 extra classes.

Entrepreneurship, Family, & Small Business
Finance (Corporate and Investments Tracks)
Financial Services (Banking, Financial Planning, and Real Estate Tracks)
Human Resource Management
Information Systems
Operations/Supply Chain Management
Organizational Leadership & Management

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Last Updated: 6/27/22