The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales


The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales (ESSPS) at the University of Toledo hosts a number of outreach events throughout the academic year that are designed to engage with our business community for talent development & recruitment, strategic alignment, and sales force development.

Memberclicks calendar  - comprehensive calendar showing events and key dates for ESSPS, COBI, UT, select student organizations, and our partners/sponsors.  Access event details and handle registration for ESSPS events while in the calendar.  All calendar items are downloadable to your personal calendar.


Development & Recruitment - ESSPS

Exclusive Engagement - Throughout Year

Small group interactions between Diamond and Platinum Corporate Partners and select students.  The Corporate Partner selects the date, and the ESSPS hosts and organizes the engagement (breakfast, lunch, dinner, workshop, etc).  Special invitations will be extended to students based on interest and fit of the students and/or Corporate Partners.  

Networking Night – October 17, 2019

Business professional networking in the evening between professional sales students and recruiters. Sit down, enjoy appetizers, and have real development and career conversations with our students. networking night 

Internal Sales Competition - October 18, 2019

All day, 2 round tournament style sales competition where the top students compete and serve as ambassadors.  Recruiters act as judges, coaches, and buyers.  Access to student resumes and role plays are provided in advance to arrange custom coaching/interview assignments. ESSPS Program Sponsors only. utisc role play

Corporate Coaching Sessions - November 4+5 and March 25+26

Corporate Partners (Recognized Recruiters pending student availability) interact directly with professional sales students in coaching sessions.  Corporate coaches will provide relevant and valuable coaching feedback for students in PSLS 3440 Sales (juniors) while also demonstrating a good coaching model for students in PSLS 4710 Sales Force Leadership (seniors). coaching

UToledo Invitational Sales Competition - NATIONAL - February 20-22, 2020

Smart companies are recognizing that younger college students have the skills, coachability, and confidence, and they want to find tomorrow’s super stars today.  Cast your organization into the rich waters of the UTISC for a higher probability of offer acceptance.  Avoid the frustration of trying to snag seniors who already have accepted jobs or have multiple offers on the table.

UTISC and ESSPS are separate sponsorships (special bundles do exist).  Doing both greatly enhances your talent pool and gives preferred status within both sets of events and interactions.

knock on role play room


Fete - March 25, 2020

Business casual social interaction with students, alumni, and businesses.  Live music, dinner stations (action, make your own, tabled), and cash bar. fete social


Development & Recruitment - College/COBI & Student Organization


COBI Job Fair

Recruiters interact with all majors in the College of Business & Innovation in a traditional job fair format.  The COBI Job Fair is handled by Business Career Programs
Job Fair Dates and Registration

COBI Mock Interviews and Resume Critiques

Recruiters interact with all majors in the College of Business & Innovation to do mock interviews and provide resume critiques.  Mock interviews and resume critiques are handled by Business Career Programs.
Mock Interview and Resume Critique Dates

COBI Skill Development Sessions

Business professionals from all disciplines interact with all majors in the College of Business & Innovation's BUAD 2030 Executive Communication Essentials classes to help sophomore students practice their networking skills.  Skill Development Sessions are handled by the lead professor for that class, Barb Brotzki (

Pi Sigma Epsilon (Pse) Golf Outing - September Tba

Student Flyer (updated forthcoming in summer)


Strategic Alignment - ESSPS

Advisory Board Committees

Corporate Partners, select students, and faculty/staff meet 3 times a year to maintain strategic alignment and encourage networking.  Committees will focus on/meet in Outreach/September (25th, same day as COBI Job Fair), Curricula/November (4th, same day as Corporate Coaching Sessions), and Research/March (25th, same day as Fete and Corporate Coaching Sessions).


Sales Organization Development

Professional Sales Certificate Programs

Custom Training and Consulting Services



ESSPS Corporate Partners and Recognized Recruiters receive complimentary and/or discounted admission to our valuable events

Contact ESSPS Director, Deirdre Jones, at 419-530-2978 and to learn more

Web Casts

Accommodate your busy schedule and take charge of your professional development by attending and participating in the College of Business & Innovation’s interactive event web casts.  The College of Business & Innovation (COBI) at the University of Toledo is proud and excited to announce the launch of its online event catalogs.  To better serve and reach our global business community, the COBI will be streaming public and private (ie: password protected) events such as forums, summits, conferences, etc live over the internet.  Events will also be available on-demand shortly after the event is over so members of the business community can continue to watch and share them with their colleagues.  

Do you think that secure, interactive web casts that save time, money, and improve internal coordination would be useful for your own organization’s training, events, role play assessments, meetings, etc?  Facility rentals in the Savage & Associates Complex for Business Learning and Engagement including portable equipment and video conferencing are available.  Call 419-530-2978 for more information.

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