The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales

Corporate Coaching Sessions

November 4+5, 2019
March 25+26, 2020


Meet our new juniors and help to prepare them for a career in professional selling!  Students who are being coached are also eligible for academic credit on their sales internship after they complete PSLS 3440 Sales.  ESSPS Corporate Partners only; Recognized Recruiters pending student availability (likely due to continued increases in sales enrollments).

corporate coaching session


November 4 9:15-11:00 & 11:00-12:30 (Advisory Board Committee Meeting 12:30-2:30, includes lunch)
November 5 2:15-4:00
March 25 5:15-7:00 (Fete 6:00-8:00)
March 26 9:15-11:00 & 11:00-12:30 (Advisory Board Committee Meeting 12:30-2:30, includes lunch)


Fall Blocks
Spring Blocks
*Button will take you to the first block for that semester, and you can register for all semester blocks and the Advisory Board Meeting on the same form

Directions and Parking

  • Main campus map and driving directions
  • Park in lot 17 or 25.  Lot 17 is the closest to the Savage Business Complex (SB).  Both lots will not be ticketed for permits during the sessions. 

How it Works

  • Students are completing their information gathering role plays on October 28 + 29 and March 23 + 24
  • Read the Corporate Coaching Session schedule that was sent out (around 1 week prior) and find the students you have been paired with.  There are multiple session blocks, so please read the entire sheet to know if you have been scheduled for 1, 2, or 3 blocks. 
  • Use the ESSPS Showcase's Role Play Channel (login credentials in your organization profile in Memberclicks, watch tutorial on accessing Role Play channel in the ESSPS Showcase) to watch the Information Gathering Role Play for your assigned professional sales students and complete an evaluation before the actual session.  Role plays are able to be viewed on mobile devices.  A copy of the role play scenario is sent prior as well.
  • Check-in to SB 4100.  Ipads, extra evaluation forms, coffee, and water will be available.  You will be directed to your coaching location shortly before the class starts. 
  • Meet your professional sales students in class for the Corporate Coaching Session and conduct a 30 minute coaching session using the role play recording and evaluation as relevant.  One professional can coach two students within a block (30min with student #1 + 30min with student #2).  There will be 1 or more students directly observing your session.  The observing students will be from PSLS 3440 Sales (juniors) and/or PSLS 4710 Sales Force Leadership (seniors). 
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