The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales

Parking as a Guest of ESSPS

ParkUToledo, a third party entity, manages parking on campus and has guest parking allocated and processed in a way that better utilizes all the lots on campus and ensures regular access to parking for students and faculty/staff. 


All parked vehicles on campus remain subject to fines for violations regarding handicap spaces, reserved parking, backing in without a front license plate (license plate must be visible in the aisle so it can be scanned to verify that a permit exists), and parking outside of lined spaces.  See complete rules.

Parking in lots that are not designated for an event , not pre-registering your vehicle for smaller gatherings by the deadline, parking without your license plate visible or being over the lines, etc can be ticketed, and appeals are unlikely to be approved.



Please pay attention to the parking details for each event as they will vary and refer to the main campus map and driving directions so you park in the correct lot.

Some events have a lot(s) that is (are) covered by the event (ie: no vehicle pre-registration) and some events will require guests to pre-register their vehicle by sending their license plate state and number to before a deadline.   Parking details are in the confirmation and reminder emails for the event and can also be found in the calendar and website for each event.


Class Speaking & Meetings

We recommend parking in lot 1N (campus map).  You will need to email your license plate state and number to prior to your visit so we can register a guest parking pass.  Once your permit has been entered, you may park in faculty or student parking.  Individual guest parking permits are only issued for class speakers, those with meetings, and select small events.


Parking On Own

Those who wish to park on their own can purchase a guest/visitor parking permit.

Last Updated: 11/7/23