The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales



The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales (ESSPS) in the University of Toledo College of Business & Innovation seeks to create a robust scholarship program to support an array of students who pursue the field of Professional Sales.   The ESSPS is requesting donations to grow and maintain the ESSPS Scholarship ProgramAwarded to the most talented and promising students, this prestigious scholarship program will alleviate the financial burden of college for students and their families, recruit and retain top students to build the pipeline of sales professionals for participating organizations, enhance the visibility and respect of participating organizations, increase enrollments for the ESSPS/UT, and elevate the profession of selling. 


Sales Professionals of the Future

Talented and well-trained sales professionals are critical for the success of the many organizations that support and rely on the University of Toledo. The ESSPS has the ability to directly recruit and train students for work in the professional sales industry. Scholarships will be directed to these future sales professionals who are students in:

  • ESSPS already as either a major, minor, or pre-professional sales major
  • Other University of Toledo colleges and programs such as Engineering, Pharmacy, Communications, etc
  • High School and involved in business and sales related classes and organizations



The ESSPS Scholarship Program would enhance the natural synergies between the ESSPS and participating organizations and augment the respective programs by meeting the following mutual goals.

  • Improve academic outcomes and graduation rates with more time spent on blending theory with practice and less time spent at non-degree related work
  • Increase the number of students pursuing a four year college degree, decrease the stress level associated with financing a college degree, and promote student launch into full adulthood with lower college debt levels
  • Enhance the brand visibility and image of participating organizations and UT /ESSPS
  • Elevate the profession of professional selling to attract high quality sales professionals




List of ESSPS Named Scholarships

 List of External Scholarships for Professional Sales Students


  • If donating for a named/sponsored ESSPS scholarship of $1,000 or more, please contact:
  • If donating for the general ESSPS scholarships, please go:
    • Online Scholarship Donation
    • Mail
      • Please make checks payable to:
        • The University of Toledo Foundation
        • Please mail check to:
          • c/o Deirdre Jones, Director ESSPS
          • College of Business & Innovation MS#103
          • 2801 W. Bancroft St.
          • Toledo, OH 43606
        • Please make a note on the check or transmittal letter that the funds are for deposit into the ESSPS Scholarship Fund 2402134. Tax ID #34-6555110
    • Contact
  • All scholarships are considered gifts and are 100% tax deductible. No portion of the scholarship donation counts as credit towards events, online recruiting tools, corporate partnerships, etc.
Last Updated: 8/12/21