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Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduate Programs

Q: Who is my academic advisor?
A: As a COBI student, you are allowed to choose any academic advisor on staff that you would like to meet with - whether that is the first advisor available or a specific advisor with which you've worked in the past. If you are sending a request to and would like to work with a specific advisor, just put that advisor's name in your email!

Q: What is full-time student status?
A: To be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours each term. To be full-time during the summer term, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours using any combination of summer sessions. You will pay the same tuition for 12 to 18 hours. (Other fees may vary)

Q: How many credit hours are recommended each term?
A: To graduate in four years (eight semesters of full-time study), you must average 15-16 credit hours per Fall and Spring term. However, if you are working more than 20 hours per week, you may need to reduce your credit hours in order to be successful in your course work. Speak with your academic advisor about what what that might look like for you.

Q: Why am I in Pre-Business?

A:  All students accepted into the BBA program start out as a Pre-Business.  You will become eligible to declare your official business major(s) when you meet the following requirements. 

  • 60+ applied credit hours (earned hours + what you're registered for this semester)
  • A minimum GPA of 2.25 in your Lower Division business courses
  • An overall minimum GPA  of 2.25 or higher

Most students meet these requirements during the second semester of their sophomore year. If you do not meet the GPA standards but have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 upon declaration, you will be reviewed by the college for admission to your chosen major on an individual basis. 

Q: What are the grade requirements for my major?
A: You must earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course in your major and, if applicable, in each course in your business minor.

Q: How do I take a course on a pass/no credit (PS/NC) basis?
A: For COBI students, up to 4 courses or 12 credit hours of non-business courses only may be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis. For courses taken as Pass/No Credit, if you earn a grade of C (2.0) or higher for the course, a grade of "PS" is posted on your transcript. This means you earned credit for the course, but the grade will not affect your GPA. If a grade of C- or lower is earned, a grade of "NC" is posted. This means you did not earn credit for the course, and you will need to take it again if the course is required for your degree. 

If you would like to take a class as Pass/No Credit, first consult with your academic advisor to decide if this is the best option for you. If you believe it is, you must complete the PS/NC form and send it to to select this grading option. You must decide during the add/drop period (first two weeks) of the term to use this option. The selection cannot be reversed once you submit a Pass/No Credit form.

Q: I tried to register for courses, but it won't let me. What's wrong?
A: Depending on your class ranking and priority student status, you may be trying to register before your designated time.  Please visit the following website for priority registration dates:

There may also be a hold on your account which is blocking your attempts to register. Any holds on your account and the office you should contact to have them removed may be viewed in the top right corner of your Student Profile in the MyUT Portal.

You can also call Rocket Solution Central at 419-530-8700 or email if you need additional assistance.

Q: How do I know what Math classes to take?
A: A student's ACT, SAT or Math Placement Test score is used to place the student into the appropriate math course. Contact your academic advisor or view our Math Placement sheet for information on the scores required for placement into each math course.

Q: How can I find courses in the registration portal that count for my Core requirements?
A: The easiest way to lookup a Core course, such as a Core Arts & Humanities, for the current term is through an "Advanced Search" in "Register/Drop/Withdraw Courses” in your MyUT Portal.  On the search screen in the registration portal, leave the subject and course number blank, click “Advanced Search”, and then select "Core Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science or Multicultural" from the Attribute drop-down menu. This will provide you with a full list of course options found within the specific Core area for the current semester. 

Q: How do I know whether I'm a freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior?
A: Class rank is based on your number of earned credit hours. Earned hours are shown at the top of your student profile, right before your GPA. Earned hours include all college level courses you've taken, and they are not necessarily an indication of hours toward degree completion.

Freshman             0-29.9 hours
Sophomore         30-59.9 hours
Junior                    60-89.9 hours
Senior                    90+ hours

Q: What does a grade of "incomplete" (IN) mean?
A: If an instructor assigns a grade of incomplete, he/she is allowing the student additional time to complete the course requirements. This would be used when unforeseen circumstances do not allow the student to complete the course on time. It is an agreement between the instructor and the student. An instructor is not required to use this grading option. It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and make the necessary arrangements to complete the course by the end of the following term (excluding summer term) or the grade converts to a grade of "F". An instructor may extend the time limit under some circumstances.

Q: What is an online course?

A: Online courses do not require students to attend in person, and they are generally completed entirely on a student's own time. Most online courses are listed in the registration portal as 900 sections (ex: 901, 902, 903). Online courses will also have no days of the week highlighted in the meeting times column, and they will note in the location “DL ONLINE” as the room.

Q: What is a remote course?

A: Remote courses are similar to online courses, in that they do not meet on campus. However, while online classes are generally completed on a student's own time, remote courses require attendance at virtual lectures/meetings each week at the scheduled days and times. For this reason, remote courses have days and times listed in the meeting times column in the registration portal, but their location will be listed as "REMOTE".

Q: Do I ever have to come to campus for online/remote courses?

A: Some online/remote courses will require proctored tests per department requirements to ensure academic honesty. This can often be done through the on campus testing center. However, most instructors will also provide other testing sites for students unable to come to campus. Students may check the course on Blackboard or with the course instructor for more information.

Q: Where can I find the pre-req of a course?

A: A pre-requisite (pre-req) is a course that must be taken or a test score that must be earned before a student can register for another course.  Pre-req information is found in the registration system by selecting the title of a course.  This will provide a separate box with additional information about the course/section.  Select the pre-requisite tab which will explain what is needed to be prepared for the course in question.

Q: Where can I find my weekly course schedule?

A: On your myUT student tab, click "Register/Drop/Withdraw Courses" under my Registration steps.

--> Choose "View Registration Information"
--> Make sure the current semester is selected from the drop-down menu
--> Click the little printer icon in the top right corner to print your schedule

Q: Can an advisor schedule my courses for me?

A: Advisors cannot schedule classes for a student nor adjust a student’s schedule. While advisors are available to recommend courses and to verify a student’s registration to ensure they are on the right track, it is the student’s responsibility to actually register for the courses.

Q: What is a degree audit?

A: A degree audit is an electronic check sheet for a student’s degree program. Students have access to their degree audit within their MyUT Portal --> Student Tab --> My Records --> Run Degree Audit.

Q: How do I apply for graduation?

A: Students can apply for graduation via their MyUT Portal --> Student Tab --> My Records --> Apply to Graduate. The deadline for upcoming graduation applications can be viewed on the Registrar's website. If the deadline has passed, please contact your advisor first before applying for graduation to make sure you are meeting your degree requirements.

Last Updated: 3/20/23