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Fed and Focused at Online Events with Grubhub


Ordering Online Steps

Contact Grubhub for support at 844-478-2249 or

Helpful Notes

People new to ESSPS online events will receive a welcome email from Grubhub ( so they can setup their account.  People who have attended an ESSPS online event before are already in the system.

Grubhub needs a phone number to reach you in case of any delivery issues and an address for delivery

If you do not see your Grubhub welcome email even after checking your junk mail, please contact the ESSPS so we can check that we have your email correct and manually have Grubhub resend the email.  You could also try logging in to the Grubhub website using your email address and then setting a password.  

Your e-allowance (ie: line of credit) is visible to get applied at checkout when you place an order that is to be delivered on the date of the event between the hours of the event.  A banner notifying you of your e-allowance should be on your Grubhub home page if you login on the day of the event.  

    • If you are only participating in part of the event (ex: only Friday of UTISC, just the afternoon of ISC, etc), your delivery window and e-allowance amount will reflect that
    • Sometimes Grubhub can be wonky, and deliveries need to happen between 15 minutes after the start and 15 minutes before the end of an event.  Please adjust your delivery time if needed. 
    • Orders can be placed up to a week in advance.  Delivery is what must be set for the date and time of the event.

ESSPS events have alcohol and non-food items blocked.  If these items are on your order, your e-allowance will not be applied.  Please remove the blocked items from your ESSPS order. 

    • Occasionally the Grubhub algorithm will tag some food items as non-food.  If this happens, you will need to select a different food item if you want to use your e-allowance.  Incorrect tagging can be corrected by contacting Grubhub support and takes a few days to get updated.

Grubhub refers to everyone who receives an allowance as an employee.  Just a heads up so the language doesn't confuse you.

Last Updated: 2/18/23