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Executive Master of Sales Leadership Degree 
Online Graduate Degree - No GMAT Required - Executive Format - Complete in as little as 12 months

Graduate Degree offerings

Executive Master of Sales Leadership (EMSL)

General MBA with Marketing Specialization with Concentration in Sales Leadership


Delivered in an executive* online format and designed to address the professional development needs of sales leaders and senior sales professionals seeking advancement and improved sales organizational results.  The EMSL is the nation's only online graduate degree exclusively focused on sales leadership.

*Geared for experienced professionals and an all-inclusive investment of tuition, fees, and books


Shaping Sales Professionals

  • Differentiate Yourself – a graduate degree has become the norm for those seeking promotion
  • Rapid Advancement – Earn your Master’s degree in as little as 12 months
  • Preserve Work-Life Integration – Online curriculum for maximum flexibility
  • Return on Investment – Parlay leadership skills into increased sales results
  • Meaningful Relevance – Coursework exclusively focused on sales leadership, analytics, enablement, technologies, planning, talent management, and performance management
  • Build your Professional Network – Gain exposure to National Consortium of Expert University Professors

Shaping Sales organizations

  • Fast track development for your emerging and current sales leaders
  • Strategic refinement of your senior sales professionals
  • Bottom-line results with improved sales team performance and retention
  • Special attention and consulting from academic experts on the project your organization chooses for the independent study


 The University of Toledo EMSL curriculum will enable you to:

  • Acquire or hone skills needed to lead as a sales group or organization
  • Develop specific sales leadership competencies
  • Facilitate and executive strategies to drive superior sales performance and results
  • Think innovatively and work strategically
  • Apply learning to design and implement a sales leadership project to benefit you and your sales organization

Course Descriptions: 

EMSL 6000 – Sales Leadership
[4 hours]. Course focus will include establishing a vision for the sales organization and developing the individual style, characteristics and skills required to lead, manage and motivate direct reports. Students will learn to lead across the organization and up the management hierarchy to achieve sales management goals as well as decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking. Sample topics include: Leadership challenges &, change management; Effective communications; Problem solving strategies, Ethical responsibilities.

EMSL 6100 – Sales Planning and Enablement
[4 hours]. Course provides frameworks and tools to target and implement improvements in sales, business development, and strategic sales management processes.  Students will explore fundamental principles of sales operations, develop an analytic framework for identifying and evaluating alternative sales strategies, and explore various approaches to sales.  Sample topics include: Sales process development, Sales forecasting, Sales organization design strategies, Salesforce auditing; Sales enablement strategies.

EMSL 6200 – Sales Analytics
[4 hours]. Course provides tools to prepare sales leaders to effectively utilize and leverage employers’ and clients’ financial and operational data, data analytics and business intelligence to coach and develop a sales force. Students will learn to make more effective client proposals by focusing on decision making processes and to utilize ROI analysis and related metrics in the business development, strategic planning and proposal process. Sample topics include: Understanding financial data & basic managerial sales accounting; Budget preparation; Utilizing sales analytics; Pipeline analysis.

EMSL 6300 – Sales Technologies and Strategies
[4 hours]. Course focuses on the impact of the wide range of sales force automation technology, the increasingly pervasive influence of the internet, social media, and emerging information management technologies on sales management, policies and procedures. Students will learn to leverage sales technology and to manage prospects and clients throughout the sales cycles utilizing key technology based analytical sales metrics and reporting tools. Sample topics include: Leading in a digital world; Artificial intelligence; Social media selling; Salesforce automation; Mining sales data.

EMSL 6400 – Sales Talent Management
[4 hours]. Course focuses on the development of comprehensive and critical skills and processes required to design a sales organization and demonstrate the requisite skills to recruit, select, hire and train a sales force.  Course will also cover legal requirements and implications, affirmative action, discrimination issues and specific ethnic, minority, sex and age-related recruiting initiatives. Participants will practice and master evaluating resumes, assessing candidate qualifications, selecting best candidates from selection pool, negotiating salary and related terms of employment, and the placement, development, coaching, counseling and retention of employees. Sample topics include: Effective recruiting & retention strategies; Evaluating training effectiveness; Sales coaching and development strategies.

EMSL 6500 – Sales Motivation and Performance
[4 hours]. Course focuses on the development and understanding of salesperson motivation and its effects on individual and organizational sales performance.  Students will learn the psychological basis for motivation and will apply it within various sales organizational contexts.  Since salesperson motivation will vary based on the combined effects of individual, organizational, and environmental variables, each of these factors will be explored and tested in a simulated salesforce setting.  To fully understand evaluation of performance, students will explore and practice applying various sales performance evaluation measure and techniques and will integrate these into written performance evaluations.  Sample topics include: Psychology of motivation; Sales control and reward systems; Performance evaluation & improvement strategies.

EMSL 6701-6703 – Integrated Learning Capstone I-III
[2 hours each for a total of 6 hours]. Under the supervision and mentorship of EMSL faculty, students will work independently to plan, develop, and implement a consulting project that demonstrates their comprehensive learning experience from the EMSL program.  The outcomes of this project will enable the students to demonstrate a thorough conceptual and contextual understanding of the external environment or industry in which they compete, their company’s readiness to address the internal sales leadership challenges, and a focus on a key customer account or segment strategy.


 For more information on the tentative program schedule, please contact Lindsay Drown, Assistant Director, at


Tuition and fees for the entire EMSL program is $30,000. 

This comprehensive amount includes the following:

  • Orientation
  • Program tuition
  • Program fees
  • All textbooks and course materials
  • Graduation application fee



  • Company Tuition Reimbursement
  • U.S. Military Veterans Detailed information is also available at
  • Corporate Scholarships
    Corporations interested in sending a team to the EMSL from their organization would be eligible to take advantage of a corporate discount on the EMSL fee.  Contact us for more information.
  • Federal and/or Private Loans
    University of Toledo’s Financial Aid Office can assist you in obtaining student loans. The website contains specific, current information about different loan programs and application procedures.


Thank you for your interest in The EMSL Program at The University of Toledo! Three steps are involved in applying to the EMSL Program:

Step 1: Complete and submit an online application.  Attach/Upload the following documents:

  • Professional Resume
  • Statement of Purpose (explain why you wish to enroll in this program)
  • 3 Letters of recommendation (MS Word) or (PDF) from individuals familiar with your professional experience

Step 2: Request transcripts from each educational institution, other than The University of Toledo, that you have attended. We will obtain all University of Toledo transcripts for you. All transcripts must be mailed by the institution to: College of Graduate Studies, The University of Toledo, 2801 West Bancroft St., Mail Stop 933, Toledo, OH 43606.

Step 3: We will arrange for you to interview with members of Admissions Committee once all of your application materials are received.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the application process or about the Executive Master of Sales Leadership program.


General MBA with Marketing Specialization with Concentration in Sales Leadership

Required M.B.A. Core Courses:

  • BUAD 6100 Account for Decision Making, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6200 Financial Systems, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6300 Strategic Marketing & Analysis, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6400 Results-based Management, 3 credit hours 
  • BUAD 6500 International Business, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6600 Supply Chain Management, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6800 Information Technology & E-business, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6900 Strategic Management Capstone, 3 credit hours

Required M.B.A. Courses for Marketing Specialization with Sales Leadership Concentration (2)

  • MKTG 6240 Sales Force Leadership and Strategy, 3 credit hours
  • MKTG 6250 Global Sales and Strategic Customer Management, 3 credit hours

Elective M.B.A. Courses for Marketing Specialization with Sales Leadership Concentration (pick 1)

  • MKTG 6980 Special Topics - Sales for Social Impact or International Sales Negotiation, 3 credit hours
  • MKTG 6140 Customer Relationship Marketing, 3 credit hours
  • MKTG 6220 Integrated Marketing Communications, 3 credit hours

Sales Leadership Course Descriptions


MKTG 6140 Customer Relationship Marketing (3 credits)

Course will examine the theoretical and managerial development of relationship marketing as an organizational strategy to build and maintain profitable customer relationships

MKTG 6220 Integrated Marketing Communications (3 credits)

Course focuses on the integration of marketing communication tools in achieving desired changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors. Organizations realize the benefit of integrating their marketing communication efforts to achieve synergistic and superior results.

MKTG 6240 Sales Force Leadership and Strategy (3 credits)

The roles and functions of the business-to-business sales manager will be examined, including using market and competitive analysis in sales planning and strategy development, as well as sales management operations.

MKTG 6250 Global Sales and Strategic Customer Management (3 credits)

The focus of this course is on key, major and strategic account selling.  The process of sales planning and account strategy for strategic accounts will be emphasized.  The course will employ role play and live cases to develop skills and theoretical frameworks for the development of major accounts.  The course will emphasize account management skills and policies, including managing relationships and servicing key accounts.

MKTG 6890 Special Topics (3 credits)

Current issues/developments in marketing, international business, or business economics are discussed.

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