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LIason Partners


Liaison Areas: 

  • College of Law 
  • College of Medicine 


Liaison Areas: 

  • Judith Herb College of Education
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Neff College of Business and Innovation
  • Nursing
  • University College


Liaison Areas:

  • Arts and Letters
  • Engineering 
  • Health & Human Services
  • Jesup Scott Honors College
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical  Sciences


Would you like to have a Networking Night or Professional Panel Discussion for your class or organization? Perhaps a Mock Interview Session or Resume Workshop? Career Services can help with all of that and more. We can assist faculty, staff, and students with planning professional development workshops and seminars. We bring our knowledge, experience, and resources to help you prepare and facilitate your event.  

Networking Nights

Networking Nights are college or program-specific networking opportunities that connect students with alumni and employer representatives in an environment where socializing and information gathering is the focus. Collaborate with Career Services to provide opportunities for your students to interact with alumni and professionals

Professional Panel Discussions

Professional Panel Discussions are moderated events where knowledgeable people on a specific topic engage in conversation with an audience. Students can gather career-related information directly from professionals and gain an opportunity to network with those professionals afterward.

Mock Interview Sessions

Mock Interview Workshops allow students to practice their interviewing skills with their peers while receiving tips and feedback from Career Services staff. Typically, the session consists of a short presentation on interview skills followed by three rounds where students take turns in the interviewer, interviewee, and observer roles. At the same time, Career Services staff circulates through the room, providing feedback.

Additionally, Career Services has experience conducting Mock MMIs with students applying for graduate programs requiring them.

Resume Workshops

Resume Workshops teach students how to prepare a professional resume that reflects their skills, knowledge, and education relevant to the job they seek. Typically, a resume workshop consists of a short presentation on resumes, followed by multiple peer review sessions where students will receive constructive feedback.

Career Services Signature Events

Career Services offers several Signature Events such as job fairs that may be very beneficial to our students. We track student attendance at events for you if you would like to make them an assignment for your class. Please get in touch with the Liaison for your area about tracking your students’ attendance.





Last Updated: 9/19/23