American Language Institute

Advanced Level Policy

Students in the Advanced levels at the American Language Institute can use the ALI advanced level policy to matriculate to UToledo undergraduate programs. Most students need to study in both the Low Advanced and the High Advanced levels, but some exceptional students can be ready after finishing Low Advanced level. An ALI student must meet the following requirements in order to attend The University of Toledo as a full-time undergraduate student under this Advanced Level Policy:

1. Admission into an academic program at UToledo

2. Meet the GPA requirement:  

    1. Full-time enrollment in ALI at the Low Advanced level* completed with a 3.5 GPA in ALI courses with no grade below a B- (2.67) OR
    2. Full-time enrollment in ALI at the High Advanced level* completed with a 3.0 GPA in ALI courses with no grade below a B- (2.67)


Note: Students in both levels (e.g., listening and speaking in low Advanced level and literacy in high Advanced level) are required to achieve the lower-level GPA requirement (Low Advanced level = 3.5 GPA)

3. 85% ALI attendance for the term attended

4. Achieve ONE of the following test scores:

    1. A minimum TOEFL® score of 500 pBT
    2. A minimum TOEFL® iBT score of 61
    3. A minimum IELTS™ score of 5.5
    4. Passing the Program Exit Versant Placement Test with a minimum overall score of 63 with no sub scale score lower than 57
    5. PTE academic overall score of 44

The Advanced Level Policy is only applicable to students in Low Advanced and High Advanced levels. If a student who is taking classes in Basic or Intermediate Levels earns any test score required for Advanced Level Policy, he/she is not eligible to matriculate to the University using this policy. However, if a student in Low Levels earns a score required by international direct admission policy, he/she may matriculate to UToledo at the nearest available semester (rare).

Last Updated: 3/21/23