American Language Institute

Student Grievance

Informal Complaint

If a student has a problem with a fellow classmate or a faculty member, the student shall attempt to resolve the problem with the affected classmate or faculty member first. If no resolution can be achieved, the student may request a meeting with the curriculum coordinator for further mediation. If the problem is solved after the curriculum coordinator's intervention, then the situation is not considered as a formal complaint.

Formal Complaint

If any of the issues addressed in the Informal Complaint stage is not resolved upon curriculum coordinators’ intervention, a student may file a formal complaint using the following procedure:

  1. The student can fill in the ALI Grievance Form, which is available by the ALI front desk (SM1400).  The student can also submit a webform online at ALI Grievance Form;
  2. The student can submit the completed ALI Grievance Form to the director of Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP), located in Snyder Memorial 1000;
  3. The director of CISP needs to schedule a formal meeting with the student within 5 business days to address the student’s concerns or complaint;
  4. If a resolution is not achieved at the departmental level, the student needs to file a petition for academic grievance with the chair of the Student Grievance Council in the university.  
  5. ALI follows the grievance policies and procedure for the university. For more information, please see Undergraduate Student Academic Grievance Process and Policy.


Last Updated: 3/21/23