UToledo Human Resources


The University of Toledo is committed to community safety and the continuation of essential operations during severe weather conditions and other emergencies.  The UT Continuity of Operations Plan has been developed to assist the university in managing its operations in the event the President or designee declares a campus emergency or temporarily suspends university operations.  The goals of the Continuity of Operations Plan are:    University Hall in the snow
  • Continue critical UT operations during a temporary interruption of university-wide services.
  • Ensure appropriate, timely, and ongoing communication with all key stakeholders.
  • Protect the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.

UT has identified the following areas as essential to maintaining continuous operations during a temporary suspension of services:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Campus Safety & Security
  • Information Technology
  • Academic & Student Services
  • Supply Chain Operations (for clinical operations only)
  • Facility Services
  • Employee Payroll & HRIS Services

Employees assigned to these areas may be designated as essential personnel and, as a result, required to work in the event of an activation of the Continuity of Operations Plan.  It is recognized that there are operations other than those listed above that may need to be continued in the event of a temporary suspension of university services but may be done so remotely.  In those instances employees must follow the direction of their supervisor.

Employees identified as essential personnel will be notified of their designation by their supervisor including the expectation that essential employees are required to work during all emergencies (irrespective of the level of emergency).



Maintenance of the “Essential Employee Roster” is the responsibility of the functional owner.  Employees designated as “Essential Personnel” must complete the “Essential Personnel Acknowledgement Memo".  Employee & supervisor should retain a signed copy and the original is maintained in the employee’s HR File.  Additionally, essential employees must receive the “Essential Personnel Restricted Travel Memo” for presentation to local law enforcement officers in the event they are stopped during Level 3 Snow Emergency declarations.


It is recognized that The University of Toledo employees may live in a variety of surrounding counties.  The university President or designee in consideration of when to activate the Continuity of Operations Plan may include Lucas County Snow Emergency declarations only (other surrounding county declarations will not be determining factors).  In instances when counties other than Lucas County declare a Level 3 Snow Emergency, UT employees are expected to report to work as scheduled. Employee residents of the Level 3 Snow Emergency declaring county (other than Lucas County) must notify their supervisor and seek direction as to the appropriate treatment of the absence should they choose not to report to work (i.e., use of available vacation time, deemed an unexcused absence, etc.).

Last Updated: 6/30/19