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Voluntary Summer Reduced Hours

The University of Toledo is offering non-hospital and non-patient care employees an opportunity to voluntarily reduce the number of hours they work during the summer.  This program allows individuals to take additional unpaid time off during the summer and assists UToledo in decreasing staff hours paid in departments where workloads are reduced in the summer.

Employees interested in participating in the program must request approval from their department supervisor.  Requests for summer leave or a voluntary reduction in work hours must be approved by the department supervisor, department director or chairperson, and vice president.  Departments are not required to participate, but are encouraged, where plausible, to explore alternative and flexible work arrangements with employees interested in reducing their hours during the summer.  The decision regarding the availability of a reduced summer work schedule in a given department is at the sole discretion of the department management.

Departments are not to utilize overtime to compensate for summer reduced hours.  Health care and insurance benefits will remain in force along with UToledo educational benefits provided the participating employee continues to pay the employee portion of their premiums, unless hours are reduced to zero, in which case the employee must pay the entire premium.  Sick leave and vacation will accrue pro‐rated to hours worked.  Vacation time may NOT be used to compensate employees for reduced hours as this program is allowing for unpaid hours.  Regarding OPERS, as of the distribution of this communication, employees must receive at least $660 in earnings per month to qualify for monthly retirement service credit.  Minimum earnings for service credit are determined by OPERS and subject to any changes instituted by OPERS without additional notice regarding this program.

Bargaining unit employees electing a leave of absence or voluntary reduction in work hours may have seniority rights adjusted pursuant to their collective bargaining agreement. 

Unclassified exempt employees may only utilize unpaid time in full-day (8 hour) increments. 

All summer leave or voluntary reduction in work hours must start at the beginning of a pay period and conclude at the end of a pay period. See payroll schedules for pay period dates.

Reduced work schedules must consistently be applied during the summer break. 

Required paperwork (including required signatures) should be turned into Human Resources no later than two weeks prior to the start of the designated reduction.

It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain signatures from their department supervisor, department director or chairperson and vice president.  Human Resources will obtain appointing authority signature.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the employee.

Included is the “REQUEST FOR SUMMER LEAVE/VOLUNTARY REDUCTION IN WORK HOURS” form that initiates the process.  Please make copies of this as necessary.  All completed forms (once required signature approvals are received) should be turned in to Human Resources, Mail Stop 205, Attention: Employment.

For questions concerning this program, please contact Human Resources at 419.530.4747 or via email at HumanResourcesDepartment@UToledo.edu.

Voluntary Reduced Hours Form

Last Updated: 4/2/24