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current activities

The JHCOE Diversity Committee consists of elected and appointed faculty, staff and students of the JHCOE and meets monthly, with additional meetings as needed. Current activities include convening monthly all-college meetings (Oct 28, 2022; Dec 2, 2022; Feb 17, 2023; and March 31, 2023), each focusing on a different dimension of diversity and  planning for the annual spring symposium, as well as developing additional ways to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in meaningful and effective ways in the JHCOE community and beyond.

The JHCOE Diversity Committee opposes Ohio HB 327 which would, among other things, “prohibit teaching, advocating, or promoting divisive concepts” in P-12 and higher education classrooms.

Read the HB 327 on the Ohio House website at https://ohiohouse.gov/legislation/134/hb327

Learn about HB 327 and its companion HB 322 from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Ohio at https://www.lwvohio.org/honesteducationstatehouse

Read the committee’s testimony opposing HB 327, as submitted to the Ohio House of Representatives, at JHCOE Diversity Committee Opposition Testimony.

Submit your own testimony to the Ohio House hearings at https://www.ohea.org/actions/honesty-in-education-oppose-hb322-hb327/


JHCOE Diversity SYMPOSIUM 2023

Diversity, We're all in this together

Friday, March 31 4:30-7:00p.m.
Gillham Hall 5300


The Diversity Committee of Judith Herb College of Education will be hosting their 3rd Annual Diversity Symposium! This exciting and inspiring one-day event will be held Friday, March 31 from 4:30-7pm.
There will be several engaging activities, ranging during the event including  a guest panel, social hour with free dinner, and a breakout session to reflect upon the rich insights shared throughout the symposium and diversity within the JHCOE.

This professional development opportunity is offered at no cost; All faculty, students and staff are welcome to attend this event. We hope to see you there!


*Parking Info* Any attendees must park in lot 1N outside of the Savage Business Complex.




Meetings and participation

The JHCOE Diversity Committee meets monthly and as needed. We welcome participation from the JHCOE community of faculty, staff, and students. If you would like to attend a meeting, raise a concern, or suggest an activity or event, please contact a committee co-chair (below). Please put in subject line of email: Diversity Committee Concern. We will notify you of the next meeting time and location (physical or virtual). 

about the committee

The JHCOE Diversity Committee is a college committee and as such reports to the Dean of the JHCOE. The Diversity Committee’s membership and responsibilities are specified in the JHCOE Bylaws, Article III, Section 4. The Diversity Committee develops, reviews, and recommends changes to the College Diversity Plan in alignment with the University Diversity Plan to promote mechanisms that are consistent with both and increase diversity. The committee collaborates and negotiates with committees within the university and the community in an effort to achieve goals.

Diversity Committee Bylaws


PAST JHCOE Symposium materials

2022 Symposium, Cultural Competence as an Ongoing Project: Learning from Our Community, Our Students, and Ourselves

Spring 2022 Symposium


JHCOE diversity committee STRATEGIC PLAN for diversity, equity & inclusion, with Smart goals:

2020-2023 Strategic Plan - Updated September 2021



2021-2022 Annual Report 



Rhonda Aguiton, Ph.D. (co-chair) - Department of Teacher Education, rhonda.aguiton@utoledo.edu

Lynne Hamer, Ph.D. (co-chair) - Department of Educational Studies, lynne.hamer@utoledo.edu

Suzanne Garza - JHCOE Staff (Dean’s appointee) 

Natasha Johnson, Ph.D – Department of Teacher Education

Revathy Kumar, Ph.D., - JHCOE Diversity Liaison (Dean’s appointee)

Dale Snauwaert, Ph.D. – Department of Educational Studies

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., Alternate, Department of Teacher Education

Christine Fox, Ph.D., Alternate, Department of Educational Studies

Taylor Yarborough - JHCOE Staff, Alternate (Dean’s appointee)

Gena Collier, Graduate Student Representative 

Kainsly Duda, Undergraduate Student Representative 

Colin Fetterly, Undergraduate Student Representative 

Olivia Kennedy, Undergraduate Student Representative  

Amanda Parent, Graduate Student Representative  

Taiyah Persi-Roberts, Undergraduate Student Representative 

John Randle, Graduate Student Representative 

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