Center for Materials and Sensor Characterization

Keyence VHX-600 Digital Microscope

Keyence VHX-600 Digital MicroscopeThe Keyence VHX-600 digital microscope has a 54 mega-pixel 3CCD with exceptional image resolution and color accuracy.  Fixed with a movable control stage, this unit allows for easy navigation as well as image stitching abilities. Other notable features include 3-D image composition mode for 3D image construction and surface analysis, on-screen measurement of the distance, radius, angle, and area, as well as automatic area and boundary measurements. Multiple lighting options give the user the ability to see fine features both in reflection and transmission modes.

  • Magnification of 20x-2000x
  • 3D topography mapping accuracy in microns range
  • Stitching of large areas for both 2D and 3D image reconstruction
  • 54 megapixel 3CCD camera
  • low-mag lens (20x-200x) tilts +/- 90 degrees for oblique imaging


Last Updated: 6/27/22