Center for Materials and Sensor Characterization

Bruker FT Raman Spectrometer with Microscope

ftramanThe RamanScope III coupled with the FT-Raman spectrometer MultiRAM can be used to analyze solid (films, nano-particles and surfaces) and liquid samples. The spectrophotomer provides a spectral range of 3600 to 50 cm-1 and counts with a Nd:YAG laser diode with excitation at 1064nm. The system is equipped with a Ge detector (cooled with liquid nitrogen). This detector offers ultra low signal detection with minimal noise assuring excellent sensitivity. The RamanScope III counts with a 40x objective and a color video camera for performing measurements at the microscopic level for analysis of morphological details of a sample. Additionally, the system is also suitable for samples that tend to fluoresce when exposed to laser radiation. At 1064nm, the excitation energy is low enough for these samples not to fluoresce or only to a minor degree.

Last Updated: 6/27/22