Center for Materials and Sensor Characterization

Varian 320-MS Quadrupole LC-MS with Auto Sampler

lcmsThe Varian 320-MS LC/MS is a triple quadruple mass spectrometer that provides maximum performance for pharmaceutical, toxicological, environmental, and other applications requiring qantitation in a heavy matrix.

The LC-MS is commonly used in

  • Pharmacokinetic studies of pharmaceuticals and is the frequently used technique in the field of bioanalysis
  • For proteomic analysis of a complex sample where peptide masses must be detected and identified
  • For the development of various drugs

The analyzer mass range is up to 2000 Da at scan rates of up to 6000 Da/sec. The triple quadrupole modes include Q1MS and/or Q3MS for SIM or full scan, Precursor scan, Product scan, Neutral loss scan and Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM)

Last Updated: 6/27/22