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FEI Quanta 3D FEG Dual Beam Electron Microscope

quantaThe FEI Quanta 3D FEG is a dual beam system equipped with multiple analytical and manipulative tools so that different techniques and methods can be applied within the same chamber. This system features three imaging modes such as high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM. The system contains both an ion column (Gallium ion source) and a field emission scanning electron column. The ion column has the ability to focus highly energetic ions (typically 30 kV Gallium ions) to extremely small spot sizes, which in combination with a rastered movement of the ion beam allows for the controlled removal of material via ion sputtering interaction. In addition, the FIB-SEM instrument is equipped with a number of high-resolution imaging and surface analysis methodologies, such as low vacuum backscatter electron imaging (BSE), secondary electron (SE) imaging, and ion induced secondary imaging (ISE) and energy dispersive x-ray detector (EDS). The ion and electron beam can be used in combination with a gas injection system. In order to protect an exploration site, thin layers of Pt can be deposited with either of the two beams. The instrument is also equipped with a Peltier cooling stage and an automated, in-situ and multipurpose nanomanipulator from Omniprobe.

Technical Specifications

Electron optics High-resolution field emission SEM column optimized for high brightness/high current
Ion optics Magnum ion column with Ga liquid metal ion source with a lifetime of 1500 hours
Electron beam resolution - 1.2 nm @ 30 kV @ high vacuum mode
- 1.5 nm @ 30 kV @ ESEM mode
- 1.5 nm @ 3 kV @ low vacuum mode
Ion beam resolution 10 nm @ 30 kV @ 1pA
Accelerating voltage 200V to 30 kV for electron beam imaging and 5 to 30kV for ion beam imaging
Detectors Everhardt-Thornley SED, Low-vacuum SED, Gaseous SED, IR-CCD, EDS detector and Gaseous BSED
Specimen stage 4-axis motorized eucentric goniometer stage
X = 50mm, Y = 50mm, T = -15 +75°(manual), Z = 50mm (25 mm motorized), rotation = 360° continuous
Last Updated: 6/27/22