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Product Development
& Translational Research

Well equipped facility with professional dedicated staff focused on development and evaluation of novel medical devices from concept to final product to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and commercialization. Some of the research activities have led to the development of products / concepts, primarily in the area of spine (artificial disc, motion preservation system, a golf exercise machine, and several other devices). Patents have been filed for some of these concepts and a few have been licensed to industry.


Core Trainer TP 4.0core trainer
Back/Core Muscles Exercise Machine
Inventors: Goel VK, Dick D, Jaegly J, et al.
Licensed to: Turning Point LLC, Toledo, OH
Manufactured: Lokrey Manufacturing, Toledo, OH
Market Entry: On the Market (Limited Release)



MIS Cagemis cage
Articulating Interbody Fusion Cage
Inventors: Goel VK, Matyas A.
Licensed to: GAMMA Spine LLC, Toledo, OH
Sub-licensed to: X-Spine, Inc. Miamisburg, OH
Market Entry: 1st quarter of 2013 (Expected)



spine tester          


           Automated Spine Testing System
           Inventors: Goel VK, Friis (Univ. of Kansas), ATS.
           Licensed to: Applied Test Systems - ATS, Inc., Butler, PA 
           Market Entry:1st quarter of 2013 (Expected)







neuromodulation lead  Neuromodulation Lead
  Electrical Stimulation Lead for a Neurostimulation
  System that Resists   Relative Movement after Implantation.
  Inventors: Atallah, Goel VK, Agarwal AK, Kodigudla M.
  Provisional Application: Ref # D2012-2, U.S., May 3, 2012
 Companies Approached: Boston Scientific, Medtronic, etc


Hybrid Multifunctional Posterior Interspinous Fusion Deviceiss2
Inventors: Agarwal AK, Goel VK.
Provisional Application: Serial No. 61/599,988, May, 2012
Licensed to: Butterfly LLC, Toledo, OH
Sub-licensed to: Paradigm Spine Inc. New York, NYiss 2





Bioactive Facet Fusion Device
Inventors: Goel VK, Agarwal AK.
Provisional Application: Ser. No. 61/593,270, January 31, 2012 
Licensed to: Butterfly LLC, Toledo, OH
Companies Approached: Paradigm Spine Inc., MTF





Smart Intervertebral Fusion Cagesmart cage
Inventors: Elahinia M, Chapman C, Anderson W, Goel VK, Agarwal AK.
Licensed to: EndoSphere Spine LLC, Toledo, OH
Sub-lcensed to: Joimax Inc., Karlsruhe, Germany




Method for Modifying Surfaces for Better Osseointegrationosseointegration
Inventors: Bhaduri S, Goel VK, Zhou.
Companies: Exclusive option with Orchid Inc., MI, June 2012





Trunk Rotation - Golf Exercise Machine for the Elderly: Vijay K. Goel, Danny Pincivero, David Dick and John Jaegly, filed Aug 9, 2005, ENG00504, ESSP 04143, Patent transferred to a startup company, The Turning Point, LLC, Alan Schultheis, President and CEO

Self-Distracting Joint Replacement Assembly: Vijay K. Goel, and Aaron Matyas, Ser. No. 60/781,916 , filed March 13, 2006, Our File No.: 1-27723

Artificial Facets for the Lumbar Spine: Vijay K. Goel and Ali Kiapour, Under review, Oct 2006

A Bioreactor for the in vitro Formation of the Nucleus Pulposus: Ronald L. Fournier, Vijay K. Goel, James P. Byers, ENG01206 –
Application approved in March 2007

Bio-inspired Shape Memory Alloy Pedicle Screw to Compensate for Bone Degradation in Osteoporosis Patients: Mohammad H. Elahinia, Vijay K. Goel and Majid Tabesh: Ser. No. 61/108,644, filed October 27, 2008, Our File No.: 1-50573

Minimally Invasive Expandable Fusion Cage: Vijay K. Goel, and Aaron Matyas, Ser No, 61/160,051, filed March 13, 2009, Our File No. 1-50796

Anchoring Pedicle Screw: Vijay K. Goel, and Aaron Matyas, Ser. No. 61/159,910 , filed March 13, 2009, Our File No.: 1-50795

Cervical Dynamic System in Conjunction with Artificial Disc to Treat Whiplash Injury Patients: Vijay K. Goel, Ahmad Faizan, Hossein Elgafy, Ser. No. 61/159112, filed March 11, 2009, Our File No.: 1-50794

Core Muscle Strengthening:  VK Goel, D. Dick, A. Schultheis, K. Germano, Your Ref. No.:  ENG00504; Our File No.:  10025, filed Oct 8, 2010 (CIP); US Patent # 8360942; 1/29/2013 ; several CIPs filed and granted as well.

Fixation Assembly Having An Expandable Insert:  M. Elahinia, Vijay K. Goel, and Majid Tabesh,  Issue date: 11/26/2013, #8591559 B2, I-50573/D2009-06

Anchoring Pedicle Screw: VK Goel, AJ Matyas, Patent # 873449782, May 27, 2014; Ser. No. 61/159,910 filed March 13, 2009; Our File No.:  1-50795, Issue date: 02/01/2014.

Simplified Spine Testing Device:  Norman L. Carroll, Edward C. Cartwright, Robert J. Gephardt, Christopher L. Dixon, Vijay K. Goel and Elizabeth A. Friis, US-Patent Number 9,378,662. June 28, 2016. Our Ref Number: 14054-51600-1US

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