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Toledo Early College High School (TECHS)

Biomedical Scholars Program

Toledo Early College High Schools a part of the Early College High School Initiative provides students who are under represented in higher education — students who have not had access to academic preparation needed to meet college readiness standards, students for whom the cost of college is prohibitive, students of color and English language learners an opportunity to prepare for earning a college degree. ECORE has participated in this multi-disciplinary program funded by Howard Hughes Foundation, by designing a 14 session course called "Design of a spinal implant, A challenge for future scientists and clinicians!" The overall goals of the course for high school students include learning: a) basic spine anatomy (spinal curvatures, vertebrae, ligaments, muscles, etc.) using a mix of computer generated anatomical structures, cadavers and plastinated specimens, b) common disorders (specifically, scoliosis) and treatments of spine, c) surgical options and devices, and finally, d) how to begin conceptualizing a novel implant for a disorder.

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Toledo Early College High School (TECHS)


Bio-Skills Laboratory

The Center has established a Basic Motor Skills Lab for residents, fellows, medical students, and industry.
Director: Anand K. Agarwal, M.D.
Facility Location:
Health Education Building (HEB)
The University of
Toledo Medical Center (UTMC)
3000 Arlington Ave, Toledo, OH, 43614


Digital Video Fluoroscopy
Complete Sets of Surgical Instrumentation
Surgical Table

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