basic & Applied Research Areas

Through research we increase our understanding of the causes of various joint abnormalities and the associated pain and reduction in quality of life. This can in turn lead us to new and effective conservative and surgical procedures to restore the normal life style. It is with such aspects in mind that the University established the Engineering Center for Orthopaedic Research Excellence (ECORE) in July 2006. We are grateful to the Administration for their foresight. The ECORE has enabled us to attract scientists from within the campus and outside to pursue state-of-the-art research. State-of-the-art research labs at the cellular level, bench and cadaver tests, analytical modeling, and clinical and patient follow up in order to conduct the highest quality multi-disciplinary basic scientific and applied research. The members are currently pursuing externally funded applied and clinical research in the following areas:

Orthopaedic Biomechanics (Joint Mechanics and Injury Mechanics)
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Bone Biology 
Clinical Evaluation (retrospective and prospective clinical studies)
Assistive Technologies
Ongoing Projects









Last Updated: 6/27/22