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Graduate certification in mechatronics


Mechatronics is the synthesis of traditional mechanical engineering with electronics and control engineering. Our graduate certificate includes controls, mechanical systems, electronics, and electrical systems, taught with automotive-specific content, but applicable across a range of industries.

Course Requirements

The certificate is a total of 15 credit hours with all the courses being offered online.The certificate program is structured to require:

Engineering Core (9 Credit Hours)

The certificate program is structured to require at least one course in the area of controls, one course in the area of electrical hardware, one course in the area of programming for a total of 9 credit hours.

Engineering Electives (3 Credit hours)

The certificate requires an additional elective course in the area of controls, electrical hardware, programming, or another course approved by the program director.

Hands-on Project Course (3 Credit hours) 

Project-based integration of mechanical/electrical/electronic systems including actuators, sensors, circuit boards, basic electrical components, and programming micro-controllers.

CURRICULUM FOR graduate certificate in mechatronics

Engineering Core (required, all programs)
MIME 5420
EITHER Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems (3 cr hr) 
MIME 5430
OR Automotive Control Systems (3 cr hr) 
MIME 5460
MATLAB for Engineers (3 cr hr) 
EECS 5480
Power Electronics I (3 cr hr) 
Engineering Electives
 MIME 5420
Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems (3 cr hr)
MIME 5420
Automotive Control Systems (3 cr hr)
MIME 5450
Automation Design (3 cr hr)
Hands-on Project Course
MIME 5440 Mechatronics (3 cr hr)

Admissions Requirements

Prospective students must have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a closely related engineering field. Applicants with other engineering, engineering technology, or  non-engineering STEM backgrounds, please contact the program director, Dr. Mohamed Samir Hefzy, to discuss requirements for admission.

Application Process

Admissions are made on an individual basis and take into account the applicant’s previous educational record and professional experience. Applications accepted at any time. There is no application deadline.

  • Completed and signed online Online Application Form
  • Transcripts from each institution attended showing degree obtained (exception: UT graduates)
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one must be from a professor or employer
  • TOEFL or IELTS for applicants whose degree is from a non-US institution
  • U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent cardholders: $45 non-refundable application fee
  • All others: $75 non-refundable application fee

If you are currently enrolled in an engineering MS or PhD program, you will need to add the certificate program to your matriculation prior to graduation and apply for graduation when you complete the certificate requirements. To add a graduate certificate to your current matriculation, submit a request to the College of Graduate Studies using the "Request to Add a Graduate Certificate Program" link on the Graduate tab in the myUT portal


Many organizations are seeking to upgrade the skills of their workforce as traditional mechanical systems are being replaced by mechatronic systems. Expand your knowledge in this rapidly expanding field with the graduate certificate in mechatronics. Want to keep going? The courses in the graduate certificate in mechatronics can all be applied toward an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering or General Engineering.

For more information, please contact the program director: 

Dr. Mohamed Samir Hefzy
Professor and Graduate Program Director
Office: NI 4056
Phone: 419.530.8234 

Dr. George Chouieri
Assistant Professor and Mechatronics Certificate Coordinator
Office: NI 4056
Phone: 419.530.8261

Last Updated: 2/8/24