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STUDENTS won AWARDS AT THE 2019 graduate awards ceremony

graduate awards

Graduate students play essential roles in our college, from teaching classes and mentoring undergraduate students to conducting research and disseminating results. In recognition of the outstanding contributions of our graduate students, we requested nominations from students, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering for several graduate student awards. All graduate students in the college, in any program or department, were eligible for these awards. 

Congratulations to all the recipients!

List of award recipients




MGRS 2019

Two UToledo engineering graduate students won the College of Engineering awards for most outstanding poster and seminar presentations.

Dinesha Agosthinghage Dona (BioEngineering) won the Best Engineering Poster Award for her research: "Development of Alginate-PVA Composite Scaffold for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Applications".

Behrouz Mohammadian (Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering) received the Best Engineering Seminar Award for presenting on "Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Wet Snow Accumulation on Inclined Cylindrical Surfaces".

Doctoral student recipient of NSF INTERN Award

Photo of Sarit Bhaduri, Prabaha James Sikder, and Vijay Goel


Doctoral candidate Prabaha James Sikder is one of 75 students across the country who received one of the NSF's new INTERN Awards. James will be spending his fall semester in industry at Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, Farmington Hills, Michigan. He will be developing real-time orthopedic implants for the healthcare industry. Congratulations, James!


Graduate Student Receives Award at SFB/ESB "biomaterials for medical devices and regenerative medicine" Workshop

Emily Krull

In June, Biomedical Engineering PhD student Emily Krull and her advisor Dr. Aisling Couglan (BioEngineering) were invited to attend the Society for Biomaterials/European Society for Biomaterials collaborative workshop to provide European and American faculty and students with a week-long learning experience addressing biomaterials for medial devices and to promote international exchange. Graduate students submitted graphical abstracts and presented a 3 min synopsis of their research in a presentation competition. Emily won first place in the competition and received a commendatory prize at the awards ceremony. Congratulations, Emily!


Spring 2018 Graduate Student Award & Recognition Reception

Spring 2018 Graduate Student Award

Graduate students recognized for outstanding MS theses and support of undergraduate education as teaching assistants during the Spring 2018 semester were honored at a recognition ceremony in April. Students were selected by their departments based on student, faculty, and staff recommendations.

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