College of Graduate Studies


December 7, 2022

Prepared by Dr. Patrick L. Lawrence, University of Toledo Graduate Council Vice Chair, 2022-2023.

This report includes the activities of Graduate Council (GC) since our last report on September 23rd, 2022.

Over the last two months the GC has continued to hold our regular biweekly meetings to conduct regular business and host guest speakers to address issues of great interest to graduate faculty. The Graduate Curriculum Committee has reviewed a total of 16 proposals that were subsequently presented to GC and approved – 6 graduate course modifications, 1 new graduate course, and 9 graduate program modifications.  The Membership Committee has reviewed and presented to GC a total of 26 graduate faculty applications, consisting of 18 internal and 8 external appointments that includes 10 renewals, 14 new appointments, and 2 changes in membership designations. The GC Bylaws and Constitution Committee is currently engaged in reviewing the existing governing documents for Graduate Council to consider if any updates and revisions are needed as it has been six years since the last review. 

Provost Dickson visited GC at our October 25th 2022 meeting to discuss a variety of questions and issues prepared by graduate faculty. Topics included the transition to the IBB budget model and implications for graduate programs and funding, ongoing efforts by the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) to improve promotion of graduate degrees and recruitment of new students, and initiatives related to student wellness. Likewise, at our invitation, President Postel visited GC at our November 22nd 2022 meeting and addressed several questions from GC members and graduate faculty. Discussions focused on updates on progress to consider a more affordable option for graduate student health insurance, implications to graduate education following the recent ranking of the University of Toledo among top universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report, an update on the consideration to pursue R1 status for the institution and the need for more non-STEM doctorates to achieve this status,  and conversations regarding considering plans to increase graduate enrollment while funding for graduate students is limited.

Dr. Scott Molitor, Dr. Scott Molitor, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean of COGS, has also given regular reports at our meetings that have focused on current progress towards updates to administrative processes associated with the processing of graduate applications and admissions, funding support for graduate student assistantships and tuition waivers, and the future reorganization of COGS.  Members of the GC and graduate faculty have appreciate these continued engagement opportunities with senior administrative academic leaders in the spirit of shared governance in support of our excellent graduate programs and successes of our students.  We look forward to continued interactions throughout the remainder of the current academic year.

At our November 22nd meeting, GC recognized 16 graduate students with certificates recognizing them for their recent academic accomplishments, the students were nominated by their respective graduate faculty advisor following an open call for nominations earlier in the fall term (see list of students and their accomplishments attached to this report).  This is a new honor bestowed by the GC and will now be a regular recognition each academic term.

Topics that remain of great interest to GC and graduate faculty include the ongoing efforts to address the current new cost of health insurance coverage borne by graduate students, potential impacts of program prioritization on graduate programs and resource support, and the continued implication of the IBB budget model in FY23 and the eventual development of the FY24 budget. Members of GC and the graduate faculty welcome the continued discussions and collaborative efforts with the leadership and staff of the Office of the Provost and COGS in support of our graduate programs and graduate students here at the University of Toledo.

Last Updated: 12/15/22