College of Graduate Studies

COGS Strategic Plan 2017-2022

graduate Council Resolution

Approved May 1, 2018

WHEREAS, the mission of the College of Graduate Studies is to globally improve the human condition through ensuring quality graduate education while providing and advocating for professional and intellectual development for graduate students in a cross disciplinary, scholarly, ethical and inclusive environment; and

WHEREAS, the development of the College of Graduate Studies Strategic Plan aligns with the overall University of Toledo Strategic Plan and was crafted with the passion, fortitude and intellect of the community of scholars, students, staff and
Graduate Council Minutes administrators who believe in the generation of new knowledge and the expression of creativity as a part of this institution’s mission; and

WHEREAS, the primary goal of the Graduate Council, members of the Graduate Faculty, the Graduate Student Association, graduate students and the dedicated staff of COGS, is to foster an environment of success and well-being for graduate students at the University of Toledo; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, on this 1st day of May 2018, the Graduate Council, endorses the implementation of the College of Graduate Studies Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

Last Updated: 10/12/22