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Career Compass: A Map for Your Legal Career in Environmental Law

Environmental law is a surprisingly diverse field with many career paths. Environmental lawyers practice in a variety of settings, including government, law firms, public interest nonprofits, and corporations. Environmental litigation, both civil and criminal, is a fertile field, but many environmental practitioners focus on transactions, compliance counseling, and other work far from the courtroom.

Environmental law includes pollution control (air, water, waste, etc.) and management of natural resources (e.g., water, wildlife, oil & gas, minerals, public lands). Because so much environmental law is made and enforced by government agencies, knowledge of administrative law is important to environmental law practitioners. Environmental law often implicates land use and international law as well as such foundational subjects as property, torts, and constitutional law.


Core Curriculum:
Administrative Law
Environmental Law
Natural Resources Law

Specialty Courses:
Land Use Planning
Public Service Externship in an environmental placement

Other Student Opportunities


Last Updated: 6/27/22