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Resident Wellness

Our residency has devised a wellness effort where an APD is dedicated solely to resident mental and physical wellbeing.


Concept objectives
  • To promote and sustain the wellbeing of  residents 
  • To proactively guard against resident burnout, fatigue, depression, and self-destructive behaviors while promoting resident resiliency 
  • To establish a framework for wellness programs within ObGyn residencies at the local, regional, and national levels
  • To educate residents in non-technical skills such as time-management, mentorship, healthy lifestyles, and professionalism
  • To provide resources for the transition of new interns to life as a resident and support resources for established residents
  • To centralize all resident wellness concerns in an efficient and comprehensive manner

Kellen Goldschmidt, M.D.

Kellen Goldschmidt, M.D.

Friends of our program - 

Thank you for visiting our website. We are very proud of our OB/GYN training program and happy to share how we prioritize Wellness in this transformation. 

First, we have developed a standardized mentorship program. When residents start as interns, they are matched with an attending mentor. While we do send suggested topics for discussion, this is a very individualized experience; some people meet quite often, some check in a couple times per year. This is also one of the ways we support and prepare residents interested in pursuing fellowship by matching those interested with specialists to guide them.

Stemming from a resident quality-improvement project, residents have quarterly “Half Day Health Day.” These are protected afternoons set at the beginning of the academic year to allow residents to schedule appointments in advance that may otherwise be challenging to fit into a rigorous resident schedule.

Finally, as the assistant program director of Wellness I work with resident representatives to develop and support teambuilding activities both during didactics and, for those interested, after work. 

Having trained in this program, one of my favorite aspects is how malleable and responsive we are to the needs of our Resident Team. This wellness program is no different. We have big dreams for how to continue to guide residents through these years while also developing skills to sustain a healthy approach to a career as an Ob/Gyn.

Dedicated focus on personal wellbeing

Our residency has devised a wellness effort where an APD is dedicated solely to resident mental and physical wellbeing. Dr Goldschmidt has been very active on that level including an institution-wide survey regarding burnout and comparing our residents where she showed The benefits of our mental and physical health days allocated to each resident. Our department intimated the effort two years ago to ensure all residents get dedicated time to attend to their physical need such an annual exams, dental care and such without impacting. Additionally, our mental health support focuses on one on one meetings with mentors and faculty in addition to the mental health day offered to the residents when desired. Our department has robustly developed our program to underline the importance of personal wellbeing. We truly appreciate our residents’ dedication to their services and truly believe that support from the department starts with acknowledging and supporting their personal needs.


Some of the Current Season Planned Events Include 

- Yoga 

- Canvas Painting 

- Foodie Wellness/Cooking Class  

- Financial Wellness  

- Leadership Training

- Coping with Unexpected Outcomes/Medicolegal Protections  

- Hospice and Giving Back to the Community  

- Miniput  

Time Management

It is important for leaders to practice effective time management. Time is the most precious resource, as it cannot be bought, saved, or stored. Thus, management of time is essential for a productive and balanced life for those in the organization. The effective use of one’s time is best done through a formal time management program to improve one’s ability to lead by setting priorities and making choices to achieve goals. The efficient use of one’s time helps to improve both productivity and quality of life.

Leadership Training

  • Learn the basics of how to be an effective leader during development sessions 
  • Involvement in leadership opportunities to cultivate one's abilities (Safety and Quality Committee, GMEC Committee,...)

Resident Resources

Employee Assistance Program


  • Gyms: LA Fitness, Super Fitness, ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club, Fitness 4 All, Planet Fitness, UTMC Morse Fitness Center, UT Rec Center (Main Campus), SRC Aquatics Center
  • CrossFit Toledo
  • Orange Theory
  • Jazzercise
  • Yoga such as Yogaja yoga and Toledo Yoga
  • Martial Arts such as iLoveKickboxing, Soul City Boxing, and Martial Arts Toledo
  • Exceleration Gymnastics Center, Sunrise Gymnastics Academy

Outdoor Activities

  • MetroParks (such as the Wildwood MetroPark and Ottawa MetroPark)
  • Cycling Trails including the Wabash Cannonball Trail 
  • Toledo Botanical Gardens
  • Country Clubs including Inverness and Sylvania Country Club

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Grocery Stores: The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, as well as Costco and Kroger
  • Restaurants: Asian (Balance Pan-Asian Grille), Fusion (Fusian), Italian (Piada), Lebanese (Le Beirut, Byblos, Pita Pit, Sidon), Jamba Juice, CoreLife eatery, as well as upper scale restaurants such as Brimstone, Registry, Chop House, Element 112
  • In Hospital: resident lounge (quick grabs), Cafeteria (food including salads and made-to-order platters) 

Well-Being Resources and References

Resident Events and Outings

  • Local sporting events (Walleye and UT sporting events)
  • Social outings 
  • Annual Resident Retreat 

Some services listed may require personal membership that is funded by the resident. Discounts may apply when affiliated with the institution. 

*Unless otherwise stated, the use of these services and participation in these events is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

**The University of Toledo Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program is committed to providing an educational and professional working environment free of discrimination, intimidation, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of gender/sex. We adhere to The University of Toledo policy and Title IX federal law that prohibits sex discrimination. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program advocates for zero tolerance of sexual harassment or gender discrimination. We are committed to fostering an environment for the training of residents and medical students that is supportive, fair, and respectful.

Contact Us

Wellness Associate Program Director: Kellen Goldschmidt, MD

Wellness Chief Resident: Sonia Koshy, DO

Wellness and Social Chairs: Tiffany Slutz MD, Kara Richardson MD, and Delaney Haplin MD

Visit the UToledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences Wellness website for more information and resources.

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Last Updated: 12/2/22