Molecular Medicine Graduate Program Track

Graduates of the Molecular Medicine (MOME) Track

Ahmed Abokor, BS
Role of Fat-Soluble Vitamin and Essential Fatty Acid Deficiencies in Fermentable Fiber-Induced Liver Cancer
Advisor:  Dr. Matam Vijay-Kumar
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Undergraduate/Graduate University: Ohio State University

Rawan Alnafisah, MS
Nitric oxide, Synaptic Proteome and Schizophrenia
Advisor:  Dr. Robert Smith
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Undergraduate/Graduate University: 
King Saud University

Emily Crowe
Advisor:  Dr. Beata Lecka-Czernik
Helena, Ohio
Undergraduate/Graduate University: 
BS in Biology, Heidelberg University, Tiffin, Ohio

Rachel Golonka
The Interplay between Dietary Fibers and the Gut Microbiota in Metabolic Diseases
Dr. Matam Vijay-Kumar
Hometown: Canton, Michigan
Undergraduate/Graduate University:
BS in Biochemistry and Anthropology, University of Michigan

Xue Mei, MS
Project: Microbiota and the Gut Brain Axis in Blood Pressure Regulation
Advisor: Dr. Bina Joe
Hometown:  Zunyi, Guizhou, China
Undergraduate/Graduate University:  Chengdu University of TCM

Saroj Chakraborty
PhD Defense:
  December 1, 2020
Genetic, Microbial and Metabolic Regulators of Blood Pressure
Dr. Bina Joe

Shungang Zhang
PhD Defense:  August 4, 2020
Project:  Disruption of Cd40 Attenuates Renal Injury and Improves Renal Function Following Experimental Renal Ischemia
Advisor:  Dr. Steven Haller

Amit Sopan Chougule
PhD Defense: 
August 3, 2020
Project:  PPAR-alpha and Carboxypeptidase-E are Common Regulators of Bone and Energy Metabolism
Advisor:  Dr. Beata Lecka-Czernik

Shermel Sherman
PhD Defense: 
June 19, 2019
Project:  The Role of Neuropepide Spexin in the Modulation of Metabolism and Behaviors
Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Hill

Usman Ashraf
PhD Defense:
  May 29, 2020
Project:  Novel Regulators of Kidney Homeostasis and Blood Pressure Regulation
Advisor:  Dr. Sivarajan Kumarasamy

Fatimah Khalaf
PhD Defense:
  April 23, 2020
Project:  Regulation of Renal Inflammation in Chronic Kidney Disease
Advisor:  Dr. David Kennedy

Robin Su
PhD Defense:
  March 27, 2020
Project:  Microcystin-LR (MC-LR) Toxicity in the Gut-Liver Signaling Axis
Advisor:  Dr. Steven Haller

Darren Gordon
PhD Defense: 
March 26, 2020
Project:  Bilirubin is a Metabolic Hormone that Improves Lipid Metabolism
Advisor:  Dr. Terry Hinds

Ahmed Al-Khudhair
PhD Defense:
  September 17, 2019
Project:  Anti PD-1/PD-L1 Immunotherapy, New Era in the Fight against Cancer, Genomic and Transcriptomic Exploration
Advisor:  Dr. Juan Jaume

Mengjie Wang
PhD Defense: 
July 23, 2019
Project:  Brain Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Receptor and Insulin Receptor in Metabolism and Reproduction
Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Hill

Sarah Galla
PhD Defense:
  April 4, 2019
Project:  Studies on the Holobiont and Blood Pressure Regulation
Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe


Last Updated: 8/24/23