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Dermatology Electives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required? 

See below

Electives requiring permit 

 DERM706, DERM730, DERM760, DERM750, DERM751

*See Registration Website for most up-to-date information

Electives not requiring a permit 


*See Registration Website for most up-to-date information

When do I request a permit? 

Once registration opens for the given semester

When will I be notified of the status of my permit request? 

As soon as possible

How is the decision to grant a permit decided? 

  • First come, first served
  • Fourth-year students given preference when course is offered to both M3 & M4 students
  • AHEC weeks needed for graduation
  • Students that have met with Dr. Gottwald and expressed an interest in dermatology


Who is the Clerkship Coordinator?

 Dawn Jagodzinski





Last Updated: 2/20/23