Ritter Astrophysical Research Center

Undergraduate Students

Astronomy is the study of the Universe, including how it came to look the way it does and how it operates. 

degree Programs

Through the Department of Physics & Astronomy, we offer three undergraduate degrees, as well as a minor in Astronomy:


Both the B.A. and B.S. majors include classes in physics, astronomy and math, with elective courses in other science disciplines counting towards the major. The curriculum includes a substantial research component. Find details on formal coursework for the B.A. in Astronomy B.S. in Physics with Astrophysics Concentration, and B.S. in Datascience with concentration in Astrophysics Data.  

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research significantly extends and enhances the more traditional classroom educational experience. Our undergraduates have made exciting new discoveries that have led to publications and press releases. Research is a key element in applying for graduate school, and also prepares students for diverse career paths.


The department presents several awards at the end of each academic year, related to academics, teaching and research.  Our astronomy & astrophysics students have received a large share of these, as well as awards at the college and University levels. 


Both BA and BS can be obtained with honors

Last Updated: 8/18/23