Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Current and Former Students and Research Associates

Current Students

Shontell Wright (Ph.D. student) 2003-
2007 American Chemical Society, Division of Analytical Chemistry Pfizer Graduate Travel Award

Maria McAtee (Ph.D. student) 2005-

Kristi Cook Mock (Ph.D. student) 2006-

Tianxia Zhu (Ph.D. student) 2009-

Xiayu Jiang (M.S. student) 2006-


Ph.D. Graduates

John D. Skelton, Jr, 1989-1993,        Co-Chairman with David Dollimore

             Micellar Behavior and Particle Size Determination of Surfactants and Cholesterol Aggregates

             Current Position: Assistant Senior Analytical Chemist, retired, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN; Instructor of Chemistry, Ivy Tech

Yoke Foo Lee, 1991-1993

             Development of a New Long Optical Pathlength Spectroelectrochemistry Cell for Absorption and Luminescence Measurements of In Situ   Electrogenerated Species

            Current Position: Regional Product Specialist, W. L. Gore & Associates, PTE LTD, Singapore

Gang (Gary) Zhao, 1992-1994, Co-Chairman with Dean M. Giolando

              Fabrication and Characterization of Silica-Coated Carbon Fiber and Ring-Disk Ultramicroelectrodes

              Current Position: Research Scientist, Phibro-Tech, Sumter, SC

Amy R. (Smith) Barker, 1994-1999

               Analysis and Separation of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone and Three Isomeric Analogues

               Current Position: Senior Analytical Technical Steward, Eli Lilly & Co, Indianapolis, IN

               Awards: 1998 Whiteford Scholarship from the UT Graduate School and the 1995 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Francis M. Burns, 1993-1999, Co-Chairman with Dean M. Giolando

                The Fabrication and Characterization of Electrochemical Sensors

                Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI

                Award: 1998Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry Travel Award

Takayo Inoue, 1998-2001

                 Determination of Biological Molecules by Capillary Electrophoresis with Biocatalytic Electrochemical Detection Systems

                 Current Position:  Scientist, Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp., Lexington, MA

                 Awards: 2001 Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry Travel Award, International Student of the Month at UT for February 2001, and the UT Chemistry Graduate Student Paper of the Year for 2000-2001.

Kasey D. Kovalcik, 1997-2001

                 Fabrication and Characterization of Copper Ring-Disk Microelectrodes for Capillary Electrophoresis

                 CurrentPosition:  Chemist, EPA, Office of Research and Development, NERL/HEASD/ECAB, Research Triangle Park, NC

                 Awards: 2000 Robert R. Buehl Award from the UT Graduate School.

Stephania Messersmith, 1996-2004

                  Synthesis and Characterization of Rhenium(I) Luminophores

                  Current Position: Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Assistant to the Dean for STEM, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

                  Awards: 1997 Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award, 1998, 1999 Graduate Student Association Small Grant Award, 2000 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2000 Graduate Student Association Travel Grant Award

Tatyana Barkhimer, 2000-2004

                  New Methods for Evaluating Cholinergic Toxicity

                  Current Position: PharmD Program, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

                  Awards: 2003 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Olga Shulga, 2002-2004

                 Part I: Gold Nanoparticle Stabilized Acetylcholine Esterase Enzyme Electrode

                 Part II:  A Simultaneous TG-DTA Study of the Thermal Decomposition of 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, 2-carboxyphenyl ester (Salsalate)

                 Current Position: Research Chemist III, Crosslink, Inc, Springfield, MO

Qinfeng (Phoenix) Liu,  2000-2005

                 Analytical Strategies for Electrochemical Biosensing and Chiral Separation by Capillary Electrophoresis

                 Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC

                 Awards:  2001 Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award, 2005 Graduate Student Association Travel Grant Award, 2005 Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry Travel Award

Jhindan Mukherjee, 2005-2009

                  Electrocatalytic Enzyme Sensors for Selective and Sensitie Detection of Biologically Important Molecules

                  Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate, University of Michigan, Departmrnt of Chemistry, Ann Arbor, MI 

                  Awards:  2005 Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award, University of Toledo Fellowship Recipient for 2005-2008

M.S. Graduates

Matthias Kummer, 1991-1993                                  

                  Carbon-Coated Optically-Transparent Electrodes

                  Current Position: Deputy Head of Quality Control, Aeropharm GmbH (Subsidiary of Sandoz), Rudolstadt, Germany

Stephanie E. Baker, 1993-1997

                   Electrochemical, Spectroscopic and Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Cobalt Porphyrin Complexes

                   Current Position:  Laboratory Supervisor, The Andersons, Inc., Toledo, OH

Mihaela Plesescu, 1998-1999

                   Molten Salt Media for the Analysis of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

                   Current Position:  Research Associate, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Jerome Bozon, 1998-1999,    Co-Chairman with Dean M. Giolando

                   Fabrication and Characterization of Microelectrode Devices from Silica-Coated Tungsten Wires 

                   Current Position:  Scientist, GF Smith Chemical Company, Powell, OH

Natalie Hilaire, 2001-2004

                  Synthesis and Electrochemical Studies of N, N-dimethylepinephrine (Catecholine):  A Redox Reactive Choline Analogue

                  Current Position: Instructor of Chemistry at Notre Dame University of Haiti (UNDH)

Claudine Lumibao, 2004-2006

                  Evaluation of Quinone Electrocatalysts for the Development of a Thiol Sensor

                  Position:  R & D Chemist III, Laird Technologies, Cleveland, OH

Shuang (Isabel) Cai, 2005-2007

                 Determination of the Inhibitory Properties of a Cholinomimetic Bis-Catechol Decamethonium Analogue on Choline Uptake by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection

                  Position:  Ph.D. Program, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Claire Gégout, 2006-2008

                  Synthesis and Characterization of an Inhibitor Labeled Quantum Dot Affinity Probe

                  Current Position: Atomospheric chemist/glaciologist, Dumont D'Urville Research Station, Antarctica

                  Awards:  2007 Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award

Visiting Scientists

Dr. Robert M. Berger, Associate Professor, Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Summer 1990, 1992

Honors Undergraduate Research Students                                                  

Kregg T. Brooks, 1990-1992,  Univ. of Wisconsin, M.S.; New York University, J.D.

                   Honors Thesis: Coordination Complexes of Copper(I) with Organophosphine and a,a¢-Diimine Ligands.

                   Current Position: Attorney, Patent Litigation, IceMiller, LLP, Chicago, IL

Diane A. Krause, 1992-1994,  University of Michigan, MD/Ph.D.

                   Honors Thesis: Modification of Optically Transparent Electrodes by Chemical Vapor Deposition-Resistive Heating to Obtain Tin Dioxide Thin Films

                   Current Position: MD/Ph.D. Residency Training Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Dana  D. Wise, 1999-2000, University of Texas, Ph.D.

                    Honors Thesis:  Analysis of a Cholinergic System by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection Using an Internal Standard Method

                    Current Position:  Senior Medical Writer, Alcorn Laboratories, Forth Worth, TX

Undergraduate Research Students

Richard E. Douthwaite, 1990

Amjad Farah, 1992

Timothy Mays, 1993

Julie Mosher, 1993-94

Melanie R. Allen, 1994-95

Joanne M. Smolin, 1996, 1997

Wendy D. Krzys, 1997-1998

Andrew Stelzer, 2005

High School Students

Julia Hu, 2006-2008

Research Associates

Pierre-Alexandre Brault, 2000

            Current Position:  Biochemist, Eli-Lilly, Indianapolis, IN





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