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Graduate Programs

Graduate students in chemistry and chemical engineering can pursue a research-based M.S. or Ph.D. degree, a non-thesis M.S. degree, or the Professional Science Master's Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering.  Regardless of degree track, students benefit from available graduate courses in green chemistry, environmental chemistry, green engineering, biofuels, and traditional areas of chemistry and chemical engineering.

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Professional Science Masters (PSM) Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering
The University of Toledo and the SGCE announce availability of the first PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering in the United States. The SGCE has developed the PSM degree option for students who want to concentrate their M.S. studies on principles of green chemistry and green engineering and incorporate aspects of business and other professional skills components into their M.S. degree. The PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering is not a traditional research-based M.S. degree, but does benefit from the coursework and research opportunities available through the long-standing M.S. and Ph.D. programs in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at The University of Toledo.  Official PSM affiliation was approved by the National Professional Science Masters Association in September of 2015. 

Development of the PSM curriculum was guided by discussions with company representatives and speakers at several scientific conferences and meetings.  In addition, development of the curriculum was heavily guided by the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council’s position statement on incorporation of green chemistry and green engineering into higher education ( This position statement gives a detailed list of skills desirable amongst current and future employees of chemical and chemical-related industries.  

For a personal perspective from Laura Skebba, a previous graduate from the PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering, click here.

Program Details and Course Requirements
The PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering incorporates concepts and examples of green chemistry and green engineering, toxicology, biodegradation, fate of chemicals in the environment, business principles, and a professional skills component.  Students must also complete an industrial coop or internship.  Specific degree requirements and coursework include the following:

    • CHEM 6200     Green Chemistry 
    • CHEM 6210     Environmental Chemistry
    • CHEE 6010      Green Engineering Principles for Chemical Processes 
    • CHEE 6110      Green Engineering Applications in Chemical Industries 
    • BUAD 6600     Supply Chain Management 
    • EFSB 6690       Technology Commercialization 
    • EFSB 6590       New Venture Creation 
    • CHEE 6970      Graduate Industrial Internship 
    • Students are required to take 12 credit hours of elective courses in core areas of chemistry and/or chemical engineering.
Advisory Board
The PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering benefits from the expertise of an advisory board comprised of members from industry, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.  Advisory board members will assist with development of internship opportunities, review of program requirements, and course content to assure that students receive training pertinent to job opportunities in the areas of green chemistry, green engineering, and sustainability.

Admissions Requirements and Application Procedure
The School of Green Chemistry and Engineering is currently recruiting students for admission to the PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering for fall of 2019.  A limited number of partial tuition scholarships are available for full-time applicants. PSM applicants are strongly encouraged to submit materials early to be considered for these limited number of partial tuition scholarships.  Review of applicants is ongoing.
Last Updated: 6/30/19