School of Green Chemistry and Engineering

Graduate Program

Graduate students in chemistry and chemical engineering can pursue a research-based M.S. or Ph.D. degree, a non-thesis M.S. degree or the Professional Science Master's Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering. Regardless of degree track, students benefit from available graduate courses in green chemistry, environmental chemistry, green engineering, biofuels and traditional areas of chemistry and chemical engineering.

Professional Science Masters (PSM) Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering (GCE)

  • The PSM-GCE is intended for students who want to concentrate their studies on principles of green chemistry and green engineering while incorporating aspects of business and other professional skills components into their degree and future career. The PSM-GCE is not a traditional research-based degree. It is designed as a terminal degree that prepares students for immediate employment opportunities in industry, government and non-governmental organizations.

  • The PSM-GCE addresses a need for scientists and engineers who are broadly trained in chemistry, chemical engineering, toxicology, environmental chemistry, life cycle assessment, chemical alternatives assessment, regulations and policy, and business.

  • The University of Toledo and the SGCE introduced the first PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering in the United States. Official PSM affiliation was approved by the National Professional Science Masters Association in September of 2015.

Program Details and Course Requirements:

Degree Requirements And Courses/UToledo Catalog


  • Up to 4 credit hours of 6000-level coursework in a related discipline (e.g., environmental sciences, physics) may be applied to the minimum 12 credit hours of electives if approved by the director of the PSM program and director of graduate studies. Up to 2 credit hours of independent research (CHEM 6980) may also be applied if approved by the director of the PSM program. Research seminar (CHEM 6930) and colloquium (CHEM 6920) cannot be applied towards the 36 hour minimum for the PSM track.

The School of Green Chemistry and Engineering is currently accepting students for admission to the PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering. Review of applicants is ongoing.

Component Descriptions:

  • Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Core Provides the crucial content on pollution prevention, waste reduction, minimization of energy consumption, development of safer chemical processes and utilization of safer chemicals in processes and in consumer products.
  • Business Core Provides and introduction to supply chain management and the important issues required to move a basic research discovery to commercialization.
  • Chemistry and Engineering Foundation Strengthened by 12 credit hours of electives courses chosen from traditional courses in chemistry, materials science and engineering.
  • Industrial Internship Will typically be performed during the summer term for a minimum of ten weeks and will be a six credit hour course. Internships can be completed at an approved company, governmental or non-governmental entity that provides direct, hands-on experience and combines green chemistry, green engineering and business principles in a professional setting. The PSM program director will assist in identifying internship opportunities and must approve all placements. Students who are working or have worked part or full-time in a relevant job may request internship credit for this work experience. The director will evaluate all such requests and give credit if appropriate.

Advisory Board
The PSM Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering benefits from the expertise of an advisory board comprised of members from industry, governmental agencies, academia and non-profit organizations. The Advisory Board provides advice on PSM-GCE curriculum and placement of students in required internship positions, and it helps assure the PSM-GCE addresses the employer needs of industry and prepares students for jobs in green chemistry and green engineering.

Last Updated: 7/17/23