School of Green Chemistry and Engineering

SGCE Leadership and Organization

Operating Committee

Mark Mason Mark R. Mason
 Director, School of Green Chemistry and Engineering
 Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

LipscombGlenn Lipscomb
Associate Director, School of Green Chemistry and Engineering
Chair, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering



Karen Bjorkman
Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Physics and Astronomy 


Steven LeBlanc Steven LeBlanc
 Interim Dean, College of Engineering
 Professor of Chemical Engineering


External Advisory Board 

Amy Cannon               Beyond Benign
Joe Cotruvo                 President, Joseph Cotruvo and Associates, LLC;  US EPA (retired)
Aaron Coulter             Toledo Refinery Corp/BPF Energy
Bob Deardurff             Phoenix Technologies International
David Foulkes             Ohio EPA
David Green                BASF Corporation
Tom Hughes               Halden Enterprises
Rebecca Kaufold         Spartan Chemical Company
Annie Labut                NSF International
Nancy Linde                formerly of NSF International
Joel Tickner                UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and Green Chemistry and Commerce Council

 SGCE Professional Liaison

Nina McClelland         Dean Emerita, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Toledo
                                  Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
                                  Executive-in-Residence, College of Business and Innovation


The School of Green Chemistry and Engineering is led by an operating committee consisting of the Director, Associate Director, Dean of the College of Business and Innovation, Dean of the College of Engineering, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Associate Dean of the College of Business and Innovation.  An External Advisory Board of academic, industry, government, and community leaders will help provide oversight and direction for the new School.  In addition, a Program Manager will assist with student recruitment, marketing and advertising, accounting, grant proposal submissions, outreach activities, and day to day operation of the SGCE.

The organizational structure is illustrated in the figure below.  The SGCE is organized to avoid competion with existing departmental and college structure for resources. To maintain a good working relationship, to garner internal support, and to avoid conflict and duplication of effort, the SGCE is organized to add to and strengthen the existing structure, promoting and facilitating mutually beneficial academic programs, interdisciplinary projects, and research in areas of green chemistry and green engineering.

SGCE Organizational Structure

The director reports directly to the Dean of the College in which the director holds a tenured faculty appointment. Currently, that is the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The director also reports indirectly and works closely with the Dean of the College of Engineering and the Dean of the College of Business and Innovation. The director also works with department chairs regarding pertinent teaching and service assignments of relevance to the SGCE. Associated faculty and staff and their budget lines remain with individual departments, not the SGCE. The budget request for FY13 was developed by the operating committee and submitted to the administration through D’Naie Jacobs, Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Dr. Mark Mason was appointed Founding Director of the SGCE in March of 2012 with an initial appointment extending to August 14, 2013. Dr. Glenn Lipscomb was appointed Founding Associate Director in May of 2012 with an appointment extending to June 30, 2013.  These appointments were renewed from August of 2014 to June 30, 2017.


Last Updated: 5/6/17