School of Green Chemistry and Engineering

SGCE Publications from 2012

Biomass Conversions and Carbohydrate Chemistry

Li, B.; Relue, P.; Varanasi, S. “Simultaneous Isomerization and Reactive Extraction of Biomass Sugars for High Yield Production of Ketose Sugars,” Green Chemistry 2012, in press.

Gaitonde, V.; Sucheck, S. J. “Synthesis of β-Glycosyl Amides from N-Glycosyl Dinitrobenzenesulfonamides,” Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 2012, 31, 433−450.

Li, X.; Zhu, J. “Recent Advances in Transition Metal–Catalyzed O-Glycosylations,” Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 2012, 31, 284−324. 

Catalysis and Green Organic Syntheses

Yao, H.; Tanga,Y.; Yamamoto, K. “Metal-free oxidative amide formation with N-hydroxysuccinimide and hypervalent iodine reagents,” Tetrahedron Letters 2012, in press.

Khatri, H. R.; Zhu, J. “Synthesis of Complex ortho-Allyliodoarenes Employing Reductive Iodonio-Claisen Rearrangement,” Chemistry: a European Journal 2012, in press.

Yao, H.; Yamamoto, K. “Aerobic Amide Bond Formation with N-hydroxysuccinimide,” Chemistry: An Asian Journal 2012, 7, 1542−1545.

Beck, J. F.; Schmidt, J. A. R. “Hydroamination of 1,1-dimethylallene with primary aryl amines under mild conditions: An atom-economical route to N-(1,1-dimethyl-2-propenyl)-anilines,” RSC Advances 2012, 2, 128–131. 

Chemistry of Earth Abundant Elements

Kingsley, N. B.; Kirschbaum, K.; Teprovich, J. A., Jr.; Flowers, R. A. II, Mason, M. R. “Synthesis and Calorimetric, Spectroscopic, and Structural Characterization of Isocyanide Complexes of Trialkylaluminum and Tri-tert-butylgallium,” Inorganic Chemistry 2012, 51, 2494−2502.

Song, B.; Kirschbaum, K.; Mason, M. R. “Planar, Three-Coordinate Boron Monohydrides Ligated by Bis(3-methylindolyl)methanes,” Organometallics 2012, 31, 191−196. 

Ionic Liquids

Joshi, M. D.; Steyer, D. J.; Anderson, J. L. “Evaluating the complexation behavior and regeneration of boron selective glucaminium-based ionic liquids when used as extraction solvents,” Analytica Chimica Acta 2012, in press.

Joshi, M. D.; Anderson, J. L. “Recent Advances of Ionic Liquids in Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry,” RSC Advances 2012, 2, 5470−5484.

Ho, T. D.; Joshi, M. D.; Silver, M. A.; Anderson, J. L. "Selective extraction of genotoxic impurities and structurally alerting compounds using polymeric ionic liquid sorbent coatings in solid-phase microextraction: Alkyl halides and aromatics" Journal of Chromatography A 2012, 1240, 29−44. 

Materials for Sensors and Photovoltaics

Gegout, C.; McAtee, M. L.; Bennett, N. M.; Tillekeratne, L. M. V.; Kirchhoff, J. R. “Synthesis and characterization of luminescent cadmium selenide/zinc selenide/zinc sulfide cholinomimetic quantum dots,” Nanoscale 2012, 4, 4719.

Tessema, M. M.; Giolando, D. M. “Pinhole treatment of a CdTe photovoltaic device by electrochemical polymerization technique,” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2012, in press.

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