Office of the Provost

Honorary Degrees

The awarding of honorary degrees is an extension of the University's goal of recognizing exceptional achievements.

The awarding of an honorary degree is among the highest honors the University confers, and brings distinction to both the recipient and the University. Honorary degrees should be awarded for extraordinary accomplishments and contributions that are aligned with the mission of the institution. Below are documents and guidelines for awarding honorary degrees:

Procedures and guidelines for Nomination Process

Nomination of candidates for honorary degrees may be submitted to the University Academic Honors Committee through the University's administrative channels or directly to the committee.

A nomination should include the following:
(a) Letter of nomination from a person(s) who is (are) competent to evaluate the candidates’ achievements. Although nomination letters should be written in nontechnical language, they should be analytical and evaluative, indicating the quality, originality, scope and level of attainment of the candidates.

(b) A biographical sketch and/or curriculum vitae that detail the nominee’s academic background and professional training, noteworthy activities, appointments, offices, and commendations.

(c) Other documents to substantiate the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions. If these documents are technical in nature, e.g., scientific reprints, a brief interpretation should be included.

Last Updated: 6/27/22