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Inclusive Access Textbook

Rules governing the adoption of Inclusive Access

  1. Where Inclusive Access (IA) is adopted for a given course, it applies to all (lecture) sections of that course. All sections shall use the same materials, charged at the same rate. This is true across academic terms (Fall, Intersession, Spring, Summer, and relevant parts of term).  Inclusive Access is for all sections in a course – no exceptions.
  2. The adoption of Inclusive Access for a given course must receive approval from the Chair of the department/school offering the course and the Dean of the college in which that department resides.
  3. The Inclusive Access request/change form needs to be filled out and sent to the Fiscal Manager of Inclusive Access Textbook Affordability, Jamie Fager, NO LATER than the deadlines specified below to ensure the fee will be applied to the course and the student assessed.
  4. Please review and follow all procedures for Inclusive Access to ensure all appropriate approvals are obtained so the correct fees are charged accordingly and in a timely manner.


Inclusive Access Request/Change Form


  • Summer 2024 registration begins February 14, 2024 therefore Inclusive Access request/change form needs to be to Jamie Fager not later than January 19, 2024.
  • Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 registration begins March 13, 2024 therefore Inclusive Access request/change form needs to be to Jamie Fager no later than February 23, 2024.


  • Faculty or Departments interested in adopting Inclusive Access must first obtain the IATA Request Form. Forms will be available from the Office of the Provost website.
    • The IATA Form shall include signature lines for Chair, Dean (or Dean's designee), and Fiscal Manager for IATA. The form will include information on the Course(s) affected, an estimate of the number of Sections of said courses, and spaces to provide a breakdown of the fees involved (publisher fee, tax, and total).
  • Faculty will work with the Bookstore and through the Bookstore with Publishers to select materials and establish prices for those materials. Those prices will be noted on the Form. Faculty retain final authority in selecting materials for use in their courses, subject to the rules listed above.

  • The faculty member leading the effort will circulate the IATA Form for signature to the Chair of the department/school offering the course and the Dean of the college in which that department resides.

  • Completed and approved forms will be delivered to the Fiscal Manager for IATA, who will keep a record of all IA adoptions and who will distribute the information to the Office of Finance and Administration and to the Bookstore. Completed forms with all approvals must be delivered to the Fiscal Manager at least three weeks before registration opens for the academic term that IA adoption is to begin.

  • The Office of Finance and Administration will be responsible for applying the requisite fees to the affected courses, and will work with the Office of the Registrar to insure that appropriate populations (CCP) are pulled out or exempted from fees.

Fast Fact: Discount Pricing on E-Textbooks in Ohio

Student Inclusive Access Textbook Information

The University of Toledo continually strives to reduce the cost of student education while also ensuring they have the materials need to succeed.  As part of that effort, the University has teamed up with the bookstore and publishers to provide you with a convenient and affordable option for textbooks, called "Inclusive Access."  

The Office of the Treasurer has provided general information and a FAQ from the student’s perspective that faculty may find helpful when thinking about using Inclusive Access. It also lists all the current courses that are using Inclusive Access at The University of Toledo. 


Any questions as well as the Inclusive Access request/change form can be directed to:

Jamie Fager, Fiscal Manager for Inclusive Access and Textbook Affordability
Office of the Provost 

Last Updated: 1/4/24