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The sabbatical application process is conducted via Faculty 180.  Login to Faculty 180 through the myut portal.

Sabbatical Leave Application Proposal

Faculty applying for a sabbatical will prepare the sabbatical leave application proposal, which includes a full narrative statement (4 double‐spaced, typed pages or fewer), including discussion of the following topics:

  • Subject and objectives of sabbatical leave
  • Significance of project and contribution to applicant's professional development
  • Methodology or approach to be employed
  • Final product to result from sabbatical leave (research article, book, teaching materials, etc.)
  • Place(s) where sabbatical leave will be spent
  • Colleagues or co‐researchers, if any, with whom you plan to collaborate during your sabbatical leave
  • Description of the circumstances of any anticipated additional compensation other than that provided by UT for the sabbatical period

Uploading your proposal and current Curriculum Vitae:

  1. A separate evaluation step will open to you within Faculty180 two weeks prior to the application’s due date. Within this window, you will attach your proposal and submit for review.
  2. You will then make sure that your current Curriculum Vitae including academic degree information, teaching experience at UT or elsewhere, research grants and/or academic honors received, principal publications (including those related to sabbatical plan), and other information highlighting your background for engaging in this sabbatical activity is attached within the Curriculum Vitae categories within the Activities section.

Note: This evaluation process is built to only display what is uploaded in step 1 and the ‘Curriculum Vitae’ category. While you may have much more information in Faculty180, only content within steps 1 and 2 will display for your sabbatical leave application.

Uploading your proposal:
Faculty are notified by e-mail when the window to upload your proposal has been opened to you. A notification message also displays in your To Do section on their Dashboard in Faculty 180. When your content has been submitted or the due date has passed, the link to the upload window is removed from the Dashboard. If the due date is later extended, the evaluation link will redisplay on the Dashboard.


Last Updated: 6/27/22