Research and Sponsored Programs

Quick Guide - Steps in Proposal Preparation

Start early! Writing an effective proposal to request funding for a sponsored activity such as a research project or training grant can require significant lead times.  In addition, you need to determine costs and time required for your project in your funding request.  Some essential steps for proposal submission are:

  • Find sources of funding for your research, scholarship or creative activities
  • Download and review the sponsor's program announcement and guidelines
    • For industry sponsored projects, contact Kimberly Thorn for assistance
  • Complete the Proposal Intake Form for assistance from the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (RSP) for your proposal preparation and submission
  • Download and complete the Sponsor's application forms and documents. Many federal application packages are available from
  • Determine co-investigators, external collaborators and consultants
  • Contact prospective collaborators for subcontract documents. RSP will coordinate with the other institution’s research office. Essential documents include:
    • A detailed budget and budget justification
    • A statement of work
    • A letter of commitment from your collaborator's authorized official
    • Subcontractor's budgets must be received before your own budget can be finalized. These must be finalized at least 10 days in advance of the deadline.
  • Develop your budget on the internal template. The F&A rate (indirect costs) are budgeted according to UToledo policy 3364-70-23. Any questions regarding the F&A rate should be addressed to the Director of Sponsored Programs, Kimberly Thorn at
    • E-mail budget information and templates to your RSP grants coordinator for review and approval
  • When budget is complete and the PDF is marked final by a grants coordinator, circulate it with the Proposal Submission Form (RSP-100) for approval by co-investigators, chairs and deans prior to proposal submission to the sponsor.
  • RSP requires a complete package including all documents at lease ten (10) days prior to the sponsor deadline. This complete package consists of:
    • Detailed Budget
    • Project Description or Plan
    • Budget Justification
    • Biosketches for All Key Personnel
    • Current and Pending Support
    • Data Management Plan
    • Facilities and Resources
    • Post-Doctoral Fellow Mentoring Plan
    • Letters of Support or Collaboration
    • All Subrecipient Documents
  • All personnel must complete the Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • Essential information for Main and Health Science Campus information includes contact information for assistance and other data that may be needed for submission of proposals to funding opportunities.
Last Updated: 6/27/22