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Registration and Licensing Requirements

Registration and Licensing Requirements Listed below are the registration and licensing requirements for using controlled substances. 

A. Investigators are required to obtain permission from their department chair and their dean, prior to initial license and registration. This approval, Controlled Substance Registration Approval Form, should be sent to the IACUC Office ( for final vetting.

B. Second, investigators are required to first obtain a TDDD License from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy before the DEA will issue a registration.

    1. Investigators should request a Category III license through the State Board's online system, which allows the licensee to possess, have custody or control of, and distribute any controlled substances contained in Schedules II-V and/or possess and have custody or control of Schedule I controlled substances contained in research facilities and/or laboratories.
    2. When in the application, select "Add a New Business" to add The University of Toledo and it is a government agency. Address should be specific to the building (i.e., Health Education Building) and room number where substances will be stored.
    3. You are the applicant and the responsible person.

C. Third, investigators should obtain a registration from the DEA.

    1. Registrants should seek a research license with the DEA and consult the DEA website for the type based upon the Schedule of controlled substances they will be using.
      • Registrants will most likely need to seek a Non-Practitioner or Research registration

      • Registrants who seek to work with Schedule I-V compounds will need two registrations. One for Schedule I and one for Schedule II-V.
    2. Registrations can be obtained through their online system.
    3. There is no fee (we are a government agency since we are a state school).
Last Updated: 6/27/22