Research and Sponsored Programs


For those who wish assistance and guidance in preparing proposals to external sponsors, the University of Toledo Research Council has established a cadre of faculty who can help.

Please feel free to contact any of the following individuals:

Faculty Mentors

 Peter Andreana, PhD
  Peter Andreana, PhD

  Associate Professor, Chemistry
  College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  Phone:  419.530.1930

 Debra Boardley, PhD   Debra Boardley, PhD
  Professor, Rehabilitation Services
  College of Health Sciences
  Phone:  419.530.2433

 Song-Tao Liu, PhD   Song-Tao Liu, PhD
  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  Phone:  419.530.7853

 Bill Messer, PhD   William Messer, PhD
  Vice President of Research and
  Professor, Pharmacology
  College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Phone: 419.530.2291

 Guillermo Vazquez, PhD   Guillermo Vazquez, PhD
  Associate Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology
  College of Medicine and Life Sciences
  Phone:  419.383.5301
These faculty are also prepared to recommend others who can provide needed advice and assistance.
Last Updated: 11/17/17