Research and Sponsored Programs

Budgeting Tips

RSP staff works with Principal Investigators to prepare detailed budgets for full proposals, including salaries, fringe benefit rates, indirect cost rates, calculations, and more. The first step in preparing your budget and other essential documents is to complete the Proposal Intake Form. After you have completed the Intake Form, an ORSP staff member will contact you. 

Any questions about F&A rates or other budgeting-related policies should be addressed to the Director of Sponsored Programs, Kimberly Thorn. 

  • Develop your budget on the internal template 

  • Subrecipient and subcontractor budgets must be received before your budget can be finalized. All required subrecipient/subcontractor budgets must be received by ORSP at least 10 to 15 days in advance of the proposal submission deadline. 

Last Updated: 10/9/23