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Research Integrity

The University of Toledo’s mission to improve the human condition is built on public confidence in the highest standards of research and scholarship conducted at the University.  Our reputation for integrity and excellence is critical to our mission as a national, public research university. All members of our UToledo community play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of research, scholarship and creative activities at The University of Toledo.

Research Integrity Staff
Llewellyn Gibbons, JD - Research Integrity Officer

Llewellyn Gibbons, JD, LLM

Research Integrity Officer (RIO)
The University of Toledo
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Main Campus | R1 - Suite 2200C

Phone: 419.530.6173
Mail Stop: MS 218

For questions or consultation regarding research integrity or reporting research misconduct, please contact the Research Integrity Officer.

Research Integrity Policies
  • 3364-70-01     Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Sponsored Programs
  • 3364-70-02     Research Data and Responsible Conduct of Scholarship and Research 
  • 3364-70-21     Integrity in Research and Scholarship and Procedures for Investigating Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Scholarship
Procedures for Reporting & Investigating Allegations of Serious Misconduct in Research and Scholarship

(Taken from UToledo Policy 3364-70-21)

The process listed below is abbreviated from the policy. For the complete process in its entirety please refer to policy 3364-70-21.

Reporting an Allegation
Reporting suspected misconduct is a shared and serious responsibility of all members of the academic community. Allegations should not be made capriciously, but indications or evidence of fraud or misconduct must not be ignored. 

Allegations of misconduct in research and scholarship and the basis for them shall be communicated confidentially to the extent permitted by law to the RIO. While it is preferable that allegations be made in writing, it is not necessary. In practice, allegations may be brought to the attention of other senior administrators of the University. All allegations brought to the attention of University officials are to be submitted to the RIO.


An assessment is performed to determine if the allegation to determine if the UT policy definition of research misconduct.

An inquiry is the information gathering and fact-finding step in the process to determine whether the allegation warrants a formal investigation. It is intended as an extension of the allegation assessment process.

An investigation is a formal examination of all relevant facts to determine if a major offense has taken place. 

Resolution and the outcome of the investigation

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