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Student Employee Information Page

The Office of Recreation is one of the largest employers of Students on Campus. Our students are given the opportunity to develop many skills both unique to campus recreation and to whatever their major or future may hold. With numerous layers of growth and promotion we give you the tools to succeed. This page is devoted to being a resource for our student employees and a hub for information. Work at the Rec

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Facility - Operations  
Henry Knejfl - Graduate Assistant
Emily Held - Undergraduate Assistant
Lindsay Hickman - Undergraduate Assistant

Building Manager Shift Report
HEC BM Shift Report
Equipment Repair Notice
Violation Report
Accident Report
Incident Report
 Control Phone Log
Infraction Write up
Infraction Appeal
Points Petition

Employee of the Month
Rec Center Manager: 

Floor Supervisor: 


Nick Pfeifer - Graduate Assistant
Kayla Fauria - Graduate Assistant
Jodie Young - Undergraduate Assistant
 - Undergraduate Assistant

Accident Report 
Incident Report 
Infraction Write Up
Infraction Appeal
Points Petition 

Employee of the Month


Customer Service
Emily Barnett- Undergraduate Assistant
Brittany Thompson - Undergraduate Assistant

  Employee of the Month

Zac Bemmel - Graduate Assistant
 - Undergraduate Assistant

  Employee of the Month
IM Supervisor: 

IM Official: 

Morse Center Staff

Morse Center Shift Report
Equipment Repair Report
Violation Report
Accident Report
Incident Report

Employee of the Month
Morse Center:

Victoria Gumuscian - Undergraduate Assistant
Brad Bement - Undergraduate Assistant

  Employee of the Month

Logan Longman- Graduate Assistant
Ryan Schropp - Undergraduate Assistant


Employee of the Month


Sport Clubs
Sven Weisser - Undergraduate Assistant


Summer Camp 
Alex Kanfield - Undergraduate Assistant
Ben Cannon - Undergraduate Assistant
Rebecca Wilson  - Undergraduate Assistant


Loren Branch - Graduate Assistant







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